Being a life long student of Sales/Marketing disciplines, I keenly observed the Chief Justice’s campaign with marketing eye and following are the lessons that I drew from the campaign.
CJ’s Campaign, Marketing Campaign
Chief Justice, Brand
Aitzaz Ahsan/Kurd, Brand Manager
Lawyers, Business Organization
Government, Competition
Abdul Hameed Dogar, Competition’s Brand
Political Parties, Brand Activation Team
Long March, Town-storming/BTL
Media Campaign, ATL
Independence of Judiciary, USP
Anthem, TV Commercial
Army/America, Invisible Forces
Marketing Lessons
1 Any brand with a high promise of value is bound to rise and recover from temporary setbacks.
2. You need a competent and committed Brand Manager who believes that brand and a brand manager rise and fall together.
3. Irrespective of resources, competition cannot capture the market for a considerable period of time with a brand having no promise of value.
4. Narrow the focus of your campaign/message, the greater the impact on the customers.
5. A business organization must have firm belief in its brand. First, you have to buy the product yourself before others buy it.
6. You need an involved brand activation team to create thrill on ground.
7. A well-organized town-storming activity is vitally important to have decisive results on ground.
8. Invisible forces come to support only if the brand has high brand equity and marketing campaign is superlatively overwhelming.
9. Always catch the USP that is closer to the customers’ heart.
10. Competition’s brand with no brand value for customers ultimately has to accept its defeat, sooner the better.

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  • Muhammad Yaqoob

    very interesting post. i really appreciate it.

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