A very important question! Whom should Big Bang Letter be sent to?

  • HR Managers?
  • Departmental Heads?
  • Chief Executive Officers?

My personal experience is that the sure-fire way of getting response is to send your Big Bang Letter to Chief Executive. And never send such a creative stuff to HR Managers. They’re dull and drab people (HR guys, sorry for being honest!). They just execute; they’re not the decision makers. During my one and half decade career as corporate executive, I’ve seen them issuing only the offer letters. They do what decision makers ask them to do. They’ll either throw away your letter to dustbin or just file. HR Managers may not even understand let alone appreciate your Big Bang Letter.

The personnel department is a screener and gate-keeper. Part of their job is to keep unwanted, unexpected, unrequested CVs from cluttering managers’ desks.

The second best people are the Departmental Heads. But you need to do a research on them. If a Departmental Head is a ranker, rest assured you’ll be wasting your time. Then, in that case, send your Big Bang Letter to CEO/MD/Chairman or whoever is at the top. They’re the decision makers; they don’t have the budget problem; they don’t have any limitations; they’ve the helicopter view. If you click, they can create even a new position for you. And the good news is that they’ve a lot of time to read such letters. Departmental Heads are very busy people; they’ve to meet the targets; they’ve to get involved in operations. And moreover, they’ve to work within budgets and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


You need to be very cautious before sending your Big Bang Letter.

Always check and re-check the correct spellings of addressees. If correct spellings are Salim and you write Saleem, you’ve already annoyed the man. Verify the spelling names from two or three sources. You can even verify the spellings of names through Google.

Being a serious job hunter, you need to avoid:

  • Misspelling the name of the addressee.
  • Writing incorrect designation.
  • Misspelling the name of the organization.
  • Sending when man on the top is on leave or traveling. On his return, your Big Bang Letter may be buried under a heap of papers.

Being a serious job hunter, you need to avoid:

Sending your Big Bang Letter on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

There’s logic behind it. The mail dispatched on Thursdays is received on weekend and on weekend, nothing is more important than the weekend. And the mail dispatched on Fridays and Saturdays is received on Monday which happens to be the busiest day of the week and your letter gets ignored amid urgencies.

So always, send your letter on Monday so that it’s received, read and responded on weekdays.

Being a serious job hunter, you need to avoid:

Sending your Big Bang Letter in last week of the month.

Again there’s logic behind it. At month ends, people generally are preoccupied with meeting targets and worried about their submission of reports.

Being a serious job hunter, you need to avoid:

Sending your Big Bang Letter before and immediately after the national holidays like Eids, Christmas etc.

There’s logic behind it. Before holidays, people are in festive moods. Who cares about your job? Soon after holidays, there’s pile of work and you’re not important. Let’s face the reality.

Being a serious job hunter, you need to understand the best days and the best months for launching your campaign. The best months are July, October, January, April. In July, the companies have new targets and fresh budgets; so new human resources are required. October, January and April are first months of respective quarters. In organizations, quarters always start with new enthusiasm and your Big Bang Letter can become part of new enthusiasm.

As I mentioned earlier that job-hunting and launch of a product are similar processes. Your Big Bang Letter is similar to the advertisement. When you splash your advertisement, you get response. In your case, the intended and expected response is interview and interview, you remember, is your sales call. Whenever, you go on a sales call, you need to carry your product brochures and in your case, your product brochure is your CV. Your CV is one of the most important parts of your job-hunting process.

  • Kashif

    Nice advice but honestly, I am still looking for “the great copywriter” and “great copy” in this post. Where is that?

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