Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull, is Austria’s only billionaire!
Perception, Deception, Buzz, Viral, Rumors


1. Austria’s biggest export since Arnold Schwazenegger
2. Launched in 1987

3. Guerrilla penetration in Hungry/Slovenia, Germany/Switzerland
4. 1997, stormed US market
5. Current market share 70–90% in 100 countries
6. US$ 1.6 billion sale
7. Dietrich works only for 3 days a week.
8. Lean organization: HQ staff only 200 people
9. Worldwide staff, 1800
10. Sales volume/employee= US $1 million
11. Dietrich is highly media shy person.
12. Not many people even in HQ have met or seen him.
13. He is almost a myth within company.
14. Target market: 16-29 years rockers
15. Unusual distribution
16. High price (perception)
17. On-premise accounts (buzz building points)
18. Outlandish rumors (like liquid Viagra or bull’s testicles)
19. Mobile display
20. Throwing of empty cans in public places
21. Artificial shortage of product
22. Student Brand Managers

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