Stuck in career?

Candidates with Guerrilla CVs were called for interview

You Need Guerrilla CV!

What is Guerrilla CV?


1. CV is not “One-Size-Fits-All” Document!

2. Guerrilla CV is as YouNique as you are!

It is not a copy/paste.

3. Guerrilla CV Answers: Why Should We Hire You?

99% CVs never address this question?

4. Guerrilla CV is Attention Grabber.

5. Immaculate Professional jargon. Flawless language

6. Content- based

Makes you stand out among thousands.

7. Guerrilla CV is an art!

8. Guerrilla CV Sells You As:

  • Bold
  • Confident
  • Energetic
  • Solution provider

99% CVs Are Like Sleeping Pills!

Don’t–Operate–Machinery – While–Reading–This–CV!

Guerrilla CV is:

• Artistically designed

• Articulately presented

Guerrilla CV is based on “A.I.D.A” model:

Gain Attention

Hold Interest

Arouse Desire

Elicit Action

Who Will Write Your Guerrilla CV?

Ashraf Chaudhry, The Sales Trainer, HEADHUNTER And……… AUTHOR of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” Ashraf Chaudhry’s video on Geo TV has inspired millions! Click here to watch it: Packages:

Please note down the following packages
Regular Package:
Please email CV at for fee details
Additional Benefits:
  • Free career counseling with Ashraf Chaudhry
  • Free e-copy of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”
  • Free list of addresses of top 1000 employers in Pakistan

How to proceed?

  • Please send your current CV at Or call 0092 322 980 5797
  • Click here to view presentation.


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