An elderly couple from countryside of USA sends their son to Harvard University for world class education. His education means a lot to the parents. But destiny’s decision is somewhat different. Their son dies in accident after one year at Harvard. But the elderly courageous parents don’t take the death of the beloved son as end of life. They want to keep the candle of his memories burning in a meaningful way for ever.

One fine morning, the elderly couple in their traditional idyllic demeanor and dressed like no-nobles arrive at Harvard University seeking an opportunity to speak to the President of this great citadel of learning. They laboriously search the office of the President and request the secretary that they want to speak to the head. Their presence in the President’s office creates no stir, secretary is least moved and just tells them that President is not available as he is in meetings and asks the couple to come on some other day. On the insistence of the serene old husband and wife, the secretary un-willingly asks them to wait till the boss is available.

The secretary literally takes the old people as country rustics and keeps them waiting for half of the day exhibiting no courtesy, warmth and empathy. Finally, she reluctantly, allows them to sneak into the President’s room.

They explain to the President that their son has dies in accident while being a student of Harvard and they want to erect a memorial block in his name in the campus. The President bluntly tells the couple bruising their feelings that if university administration allows the heirs of every deceased student to raise a building in the memory of their loved ones, the campus will look like a somber graveyard. While the husband was using his all logic to convince the President who was so adamant to even further talk on the matter, the wife whispers to her husband that they should do something else to keep alive the memories of their beloved son.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford leave the President’s office with the unflinching determination to build their own university. Stanford University today is one of the finest institutions of higher learning in the world. 

  • nomee

    Dear Mr. Ashraf,

    I certainly admire your efforts in this field and appreciate the way you take along the youth in understand the new challenges in social media and marketing. However, this story is untrue in a sense of the couple being dressed like country bumpkins. For the original story, kindly check this link below so that this story doesn't mislead anyone and rather helps everyone know the truth behind the great institute.

    – Nauman

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