You must have heard the story of two frogs. They were traveling in a jungle. All of a sudden, two of them fall in a deep ditch. Their friends looked deep down the ditch and had pity on the unfortunate frogs because they thought that poor frogs won’t be able to climb and they’ll die.

The frogs started climbing the ditch to come out of it. But their friends on the edge of the ditch were shouting, “You can’t succeed. You better stop trying. You’ll not make it. You’ll die. It’s impossible to come out of ditch.”

One of the frogs listened to the shouting of fellow frogs and couldn’t climb much and ultimately fell down the ditch and died. While the other didn’t quit and kept on climbing the ditch despite the shouting and free advice of fellow frogs. He ultimately came out of the deadly ditch. The fellow frogs asked him why he didn’t listen to their advice. He told them that he’d hard of hearing and couldn’t hear them; rather he thought that they’re encouraging him to make more efforts. So that’s the power of listening. You need to become deaf to such negative, un-resourceful, disempowering, energy-sapping, discouraging fellows. Just salute them and say ‘thank you’ for their care and concern.

Always remember that quitters are never winners and winners are never quitters.

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