As you know, my job-hunting book The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” has been launched globally last month. It is available at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Amazon France. Initial reports suggest that book is becoming very popular among job-seekers.
I am planning to conduct seminar series all over the world with the name of “Live Simulation of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF””.

One-day seminar Live Simulation of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” will be a life transforming experience for the young graduates and job-seekers. An outline of the seminar is given below.

1. How job-hunting and Selling have same principles?
2. SWOT analysis of job-seeker’s personality
3. How to evolve a Brand?
4. How to position yourself in job-market?
5. How to invent and discover your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions)
6. How to build your brand equity?
7. The fundamentals of packaging (dress for success)
8. Writing your own advertisement/commercial (Big Bang Letter)
9. Success stories of my Big Bang Letters
10. How to write captivating brochure (CV/Resume)
11. How to write killing sales letter (candidates’ Cover Letter)
12. How successful professionals network?
13. 4 Ps of Networking
14. The Ten Commandments of Networking
15. When, where and how to apply for a job?
16. The best days and best months of sending job applications
17. How successful professionals find jobs without any difficulty?
18. What is interview? (It is your sales call).
19. How to train yourself for winning interviews?
20. Learning the science of first impression
21. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the interview and their best answers.
22. The 17 irrefutable laws of successful interviews
23. Absolute don’t of interviews
24. How hiring a candidate is similar to choosing a mate?
25. Questions that every interviewee must ask from the interviewer.
26. How to close interviews?
27. How to write ‘thank-you’ note to interviewers?
28. How to negotiate salary?
29. Important factors in salary negotiations
30. Best ways to respond to offer letters
31. How to deal with rejections?
32. What did I learn from cockroaches?
33. Some fundamental principles of life management

Trust me, the participants of Live Simulation of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” will enjoy lifelong “unfair advantage” over those who don’t attend.

I am looking for partners/seminar promoters/event planners/social entrepreneurs who can join hands with me in all regions of the world to promote these seminars.

As unemployment is on rise, such seminars will be a hot product for job-seekers and young graduates planning to join organizations.

Interested companies/individuals may contact me at

Warm regards
Ashraf Chaudhry
CEO, Ashraf Chaudhry Associates
Author of international best seller The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”

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