Karachi: 24th Sept, Marriott Hotel, Lahore: 8th Oct, Park Plaza Hotel

Islamabad: 10th Oct, Margala Hotel

Workshop Concept: Sometimes we are at standstill. Our speed of customer acquisition is at screeching halt. We are stuck in the rut of conventional approaches of doing business. The competition is at our jugular vein. Sustainability becomes the question mark. That is the point of pressing CTRL ALT DEL buttons. We revisit our sales strategy (at organizational and individual levels). We resort to REBOOTING things to jump out of ‘hanged up’ state. One day workshop Reboot Your Sales Strategy is application of creative and non-conventional low cost ideas of acquiring new customers and serving them the way they want to be served without deviating from business plan. It is re-engineering the process of lead generation and prospecting. It is force-starting the process of growing customers.

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The DNA of business has changed. Forever. You can blame technology, smartphones, social media, online shopping or whatever. The time has come to press CTRL ALT DEL to bring innovation and freshness for sustainability in an era of dog-eats-dog times of competition. If we don’t, not only will our companies begin to slide backward but we may find ourselves unemployable.

“If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.”

Steve Jobs

Workshop Agenda:

  • Rebooting the relationships with customers. No direct relationships. No future. How direct relationships minimize risk?
  • Shifting focus from “hardcore salesmanship” to “softcore relationships”
  • How to stop relationShips becoming relationShit
  • Principles of Relationship-centric Marketing
  • The shift from broadcasting to utilitarianism marketing
  • Rebooting lead generation process
  • How to make your company indispensable for the customers? How to raise bars of happiness for customers so that they find virtually impossible to exit?
  • Marketing powerful content is the new age advertising. How to create powerful content instantly?
  • Viral Marketing: Unleashing the ideavirus(Seth Godin)
  • How to establish cause and effect relationship between promotion and sales

To download complete brochure in PDF format, please click here.

Who Should Attend? Heads of Sales & Marketing, NSMs, RSMs, Marketing Managers, Brand/Product Managers, Business Unit Heads, Key Account Managers, B2B Sales Managers with FMCGs, Banks, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Travel, Telecom, Technology, Pesticides and Educational Industry. Sales Trainers , University Professors and budding entrepreneurs will find this workshop mind blowing.

Workshop Leader: Ashraf Chaudhry is Pakistan’s #1 Sales Trainer and Social Media Strategist. His life is a story of inspiration. He started his sales career as a chickpea seller from a small town and got early education from roofless schools of rural Pakistan. He did his MBA from IBA Karachi and has worked for around 15 years for companies like Chevron, Tapal Tea, Marriott & Pearl Continental Chains and Worldcall Group. Geo Television Network has run motivational documentary on his life under program “Zara Sochiye”.

His book The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” was published in USA in 2009 and is selling world-wide. He is a dreamer and dare-devil executor. He has the knack of thinking out of the box. To know more about Ashraf, please google him.

Course Fee: Rs. 15,000 per person. 10% discount if more than 3 participants attend from the same organization.

How to Book Your Seats? Please send your nominations at or call Mr Tehseer Ali at 0322 980 5797.

To download complete brochure in PDF format, please click here.

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