A term that encompasses all the trivial tasks that management is far too qualified to suffer through.

Alpha Geek:
The head of your company’s IT department.

Alpha Pup:
Trendsetting young people. 

Armchair General:
Someone who speaks critically, but has no experience in the field in question.

The apparent absorption of success that comes from sucking up.

Bag of Snakes:
A business situation with many unexpected problems.

Bait and Switch:
To advertise low priced items that aren’t actually available.

To make an estimate.

To apply a trivial solution to a problem.

The physical and mental limit of your working ability.

Bang for the buck:
The return on invested money.

Meeting to discuss a failure and find a scapegoat.

Something even more current than the ‘cutting-edge’.

Blue Ocean:
A metaphor for the wider, deeper potential of market space that is not yet explored. Derived from book “Blue Ocean Strategy”

Boiler Room:
A sales firm with questionable practices. Derived from movie “Boiler Room”

Boot Camp:
A company training program.

Boot Strap Business:
A company started with very little capital.

Brass Tacks:
Fundamental business information or practices.

A novel idea or product that has the potential to generate public interest in its own right.

Describes the people at the top of a company that get fancy ‘C’ titles such as C.E.O., C.F.O., C.O.O.

Laying-off employees (downsizing) to the point where an organization can no longer function.

Chainsaw Consultant:
An individual brought in to do management’s dirty work at lay-off time.

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