Networking is like feeding a goose laying golden eggs. But there’s breed of networking people who act in indecent haste that they project the image of being greedy and selfish and make the people run away from them. In order to get a regular supply of golden eggs, you need to feed the goose and not slaughter it. These networking nerds, you’ll find everywhere. They’re people of typical characteristics:

• They collect business cards without ever connecting with the people.
• They join networking sites like Hi5, Plaxo, Facebook but end up with people who’re mouse-potatoes.

• They throw lunch and dinners immediately.
• You’ll even see them dishing out their business cards at funerals.
• They’ll call the ‘networks’ only when they need a thing to be done.
• Their primary focus is ‘what is-in-it-for-me’.
• Slaughtering the goose is their favorite hobby and feeding the goose is the last thing on their priority.

These networking nerds gain nothing in the long run. They scare people. People become aware of their tactics.

Let me say categorically that networking is NOT:

Pushing yourself or your product aggressively
Exploiting people for crass personal agendas
Keeping an eye on every one you meet that some day you’ll tap him.

Networking is the philosophy of connecting with people.
Networking is helping others.
Networking is about contributing.
Networking is about giving and sharing.

So never ever behave like networking nerd otherwise you’ll shun people and you might miss opportunities of successful networking.

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