Networking is an aptitude; it’s a way of life. It’s not just a ritualistic list of things to be done in a specific time-frame. Even though there’re some specific rules and tools that you can learn about networking by reading books, but unless you’ve a networking aptitude, unless you develop a mind-set about networking, the impact will be short-lived and results will be below potential. The rules that you’ll be learning here can be the catalyst to start a lifelong process of establishing, building and working with a mutually supportive network of relationships.

Networking is a most cost-effective marketing tool when used wisely, appropriately and professionally.

Networking has many benefits but the most important thing about networking is that it’s an efficient way of accomplishing goals. So if you’ve big goals and dreams about what you want to accomplish, then networking is for you. It’s a handy tool that if schemed with precision leads you to achieve Alpine heights and assists you in reaching that zenith that you can only fancy for yourself in your wildest dreams.

If you’re stuck in the grooves of confusion and despite best efforts, you’re unable to wriggle out of it, then it’s time to question your networking approach. It’s time to question as to why I’m not inclined to get in the loop.

Networking as I said earlier is a way of life. It’s not about collecting cards and sending SMSs or greeting cards. We all have a network, some have highly activated and some have dormant. If your network is in dormancy, you can re-activate it; you can revive it; you can refresh, you can recharge it; restart and renew it.

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