Ms. Naseem Hameed, inhabitant of slum area of Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi, made the nation proud of her by becoming the fastest woman of South Asia. She won gold medal by winning 100 meter sprint in 11th South Asian Games.

I recently watched her exclusive interview at GEO TV and she said, “When I started the race, the only thing I could see was finish line. The competing girls were not even visible to me”!

This is a great lesson. In the race of accomplishment of any goal, the eyes must be riveted on the finish line. All great achievers and winners have adopted this strategy of developing a sharp focus the goals.

Naseem Hameed lives in one room house along with parents and siblings situated in slums of Karachi. She is confident, daring, educated and focused. She is highly talented and mature in her thoughts. Naseem, the nation is proud of you!

I urge the large business organizations to appoint her as their Brand Ambassador. She deserves it. P&G, Unilever, Tapal Tea, Mobilink, Telenor, Warid etc, please come forward and honor our great daughter.

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  • Aamir Mahmood

    Naseem's achievement is really great. It is not a success story on the running track. It will go a long way in changing our mindsets.
    Her sucess made me literally crying with joy.

  • Syed Adeel Ahmed

    She is a model for all the ONLY glamour women with no competencies.

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