Offering public apology to loved ones or warning the foes is an old way of expressing love and anger.

One such public apology by some unknown person Nabeel Khokhar is being done to her beloved these days. He has set up billboard on the busiest road of Karachi, Sharay-e-Faisal.

On googling Nabeel Khokhar, you find his  profile at LinkedIn working for Contact Plus, one of the brand activation agencies in Pakistan.

Nabeel Khokhar’s apology is:

“Hi Princess

I know I Don’t have your attention these days…

I know I have been, dirty, sneaky, immoral, poorly-endowed slimeball

& everything But I Really want to make things right, because

without you I am nothing and all I want is a chance to prove myself.

I am Sorry for everything I have done but I have learned…

Your’s (soon to be) Husband,

Nabeel Khokhar.

P.s. I Love You.”

A really weird way to express his apology. The man is daring but not creative. He almost copied the words and style of warning to Steven by his estranged wife Emily. Here’s the link.

Emily’s words are:

“Hi Steven,

Do I have your attention now?

I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful, poorly endowed slimeball. Everything’s caught on tape.

Your (soon-to-be-ex-wife)


p.s:  I paid for this billboard from our joint bank account”

Will anybody check meanings of poorly-endowed? A man with with small genitalia!!!

To me, it  seems either a desperate effort to become famous like Dr. Gholam Mujtaba or it is a teaser by some company. If it is teaser, then hats off to the creative team behind it. It is going to be lethally viral on social networking sites.

Nabeel has opened a fan page at facebook with the name Nabeel Khokhar Fan Club. If Nabeel Khokhar is an upcoming brand of attire or perfumery, it will be rocking success.

Nabeel: Even if it is not upcoming brand, start it:) If you are not doing, I will do it. lolz

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  • Bhai678

    This guy is real,he was married to naveen anwar for 5 months. She was engaged to some guy in USA and left him because she fall in love with my friend Nabeel Bhai. They work together before,then she ruin my friends life and divorced him,she is liar and also mad. Now she is in affair with a married guy who is a doctor and ruin his family life,shame on her… We are with u nabeel Bhai

  • Subzz

    Just wanted to confirm if you have you seen this billboard yourself.

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