On 9th August 2008, something most beautiful happened in my life. I was terminated by my employer. I was General Manager with one of the companies of Worldcall Group.

There were no jobs in the market. Companies were laying off people. Stock market collapsed like house of cards. Law and order situation was at its worst. Chief Justice was on roads. Benazir was assassinated. Worst economic and political situation. I was at cross road at age 38. I felt humiliated to update my resume at this age.

I went into isolation for a few days. Re-assessed my capabilities. SWOTed myself. Analysed my passions, inhibitions, turn-ons, turn-offs. I found out that there was an entrepreneur inside me which I never allowed to grow. I discovered that I was rebel-boy since childhood. Working under someone was not my forte. Thank God, I found out.

All my savings were lost in stock markets. With no financial back up, I decided to start my own business. After careful analysis, I decided to launch my services as Sales Trainer. Before rolling-out, I penned down The Craft of Selling “Yourself” in 21 days. It was self-published in Pakistan in next 10 days. It was published in USA in next 3 months. I experienced a unique feeling when my first book was sold for Rs.540 in Pakistan. Thanks Anil Vaswani for buying the book. 

My first training assignment with SMEDA was for two days in January 2009. And how much they paid? Rs.6,000!! Year 2009 was terrible. No business, no cash. Some family matters worsened the situation. First public workshop The 10 Commandments of Selling was held in Marriott Karachi in December 2009. It was hit. A.Karim Shekhani, Dilbar Saeed, thank you so much for reposing trust in me. Remember, I made you guys polish the shoes in Marriott 🙂

Things started appearing on horizon from July 2010. From November 2010, I started picking up speed. I gained confidence. I increased my rates. I launched more and more programs. Since January 2011, no looking back. Big Alhamdolillah. Today I charge Rs. 16, 000 per person per day.

During this struggle period, many ‘friends’ got exposed. The depth of some ‘relations’ was revealed. I will never mention their names.

Beside Allah and my mother, I owe my initial success to Muhammad Siddique, my publisher, Hammad Siddiqui (my mentor), Kamran Zubairy (my best friend), Syed Shahzad Ali, Karim Shekhani, Jawwad Karim (My first Head of Marketing), Hina Roudani (My current Marketing Manager), Imran Asif (Director Marketing Searle), Junaid Mansoor (CEO Tradekey), Mubeen Munawwar (Pakola) and Imran Yousafzai of Ruba-Sez. All these people came into my life once I started my business. None of them is my old friend. In my next article, I will touch upon the key principles that I followed.

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