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I am waiting at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore for a Karachi bound flight and thought to share an interesting story with you. The story goes like this. Read it carefully.

Once upon a time, a poor man comes to a wise man for charity. Wise man asks him to do some trade instead of asking for charity. Poor man says he has no money for business. Wise man asks him if he has any property at home? He says yes he has a blanket to cover his body at night and a cup to drink water and milk.

Wise man asks him to bring both of these  items to him. Poor man rushes to his house to bring blanket and cup. Wise man takes two items in his hand and asks his disciples if any body is interested to buy. One of the disciples offers one dirham for two items. Wise man motivates disciples to raise the bid. Another disciple offers two dirhams. Items are traded for two dirhams and wise man hands over two dirhams to poor man and asks him to buy one axe from market and come to him. He buys axe with one dirham and comes to wise man who is still coaching his disciples.

Wise man fixes the wooden handle in the axe with his own hands and asks the poor man to rush to jungle and cut woods and sell in the market and come to him after 15 days. He obeys the instructions.

After two weeks when poor man comes back, he says he has enough money now. He has bought the blanket again plus he has grain to eat and also he has some savings.

Friends, this wise man is The Wisest Man this universe ever saw. He is The Last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). A role model of role models.

If you don’t have money to start business, sell your expensive phones, gadgets, bikes/cars, extra clothes and collect money but start business today.

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