Thank you friends for wishing me my birthday. You made me feel special. It may not be possible for me to thank my friends individually as I got thousands of emails, messages on social networking sites and on cell phone.

I would like to share e-copy of my book The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” with all my friends. Please click here to download your copy. You may share the same with your colleagues and friends.

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The 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Your CV Written by a Professional

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  • Talha Bin Irfan Usmani

    Thank u so much sir 🙂

  • Muhammad Imran

    Thank you so much Ashraf Bhai!
    God Bless You!

  • Awais Ahmad

    I am indebted to you for sharing this excellent surprise.

  • Jawad Akhtar

    Thanks for this GREAT Share, Ashraf! Thanks for also doing your massive share to make this world (and this wonderful country) a little more beautiful!

  • Dayar-e Gair

    thank you so much really appriciate you for such a nyc gift.

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