Almost one and half years back, I met him by chance but never knew that he will caste high impact on my personal and professional. He is Muhammad Yaqoob, a social media geek, practitioner and evangelist. A  software engineer by profession, he is no doubt an authority on Social Media marketing. 

The good thing about him is that he is always available to help others. I remember when he personally came to my house to teach me how to start blogging. He himself chose the first template of my blog. I have called him at odd hours whenever I am stuck with some tools and he comes to my rescue.

He is expert of all facets of Social Media, be it channels like facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or corporate blogging or driving traffic to your blog or raising your page ranking.

In February 2010, I conducted a public workshop on Social Media under the name of Cracking the Code: How to Use Social Media for Sales & Marketing? He was the one who motivated and enabled me to conduct that commercial workshop. By far, my workshop is the most expensive workshop in Pakistan on Social Media.

Muhammad Yaqoob is a successful blogger. I am subscriber to his blog and his articles enable me to stay updated on a wide range of topics.

I am writing this blog to acknowledge the contribution of my teacher in my life. Muhammad Yaqoob is available at facebook to help people seeking his guidance on Social Media. Currently, he is associated with University of Gujrat as a consultant. 

  • Muhammad Iqbal Khan

    Your are 100% right Mr. Yaqoob is Nice and Care Person.

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