At the tender age of 10, when most of the girls in our culture pass their leisure time by playing with barbie dolls, resorting to aimless texting and chatting and watching cheap dramas on Indian channels, there is a girl in Karachi who has nothing to do with indulgence in frivolous activities and rather she channelized her creative energies to start blogging, getting the distinction of becoming Pakistan’s Youngest Blogger. My salutes to the passionate youngest blogger!
Bushra Siddiqui started her blog “Girly Stuff” with the objective to unleash her creative side. She writes, compared to her age, immaculately. There is artistic innocence in her style and choice of words and the topics she picks up. It seems the blogging passion can take place of night packages and cheap Indian flicks if the youth is encouraged and guided.
Bushra is student of class five at Aitchison Model School in Karachi. She lives in the semi elite locality—-Gulshan-e-Iqbal. She is daughter of senior executive working for a US-based NGO aiming to , among other things, empower women folks of Pakistan. So the charity has begun at home!
Little Bushra is a voracious reader of books on story’s, creative writing and general knowledge. She has the distinction of being the topper in her class, apart from bagging various trophies for extra-curricular activities.
Just wondering if we have one million Bushras engaged in creative blogging, what image building these girls can create for the country. Bushras’ pens (ooops key boards) will be mightier than swords.

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  • SK

    To Bushra:
    It would be fair to say the future of this country rests safe & sound in its youth when tender aspirants like Bushra do us all proud, Keep up the good work my dear!

  • ashfaqueshah

    Thats really good news

  • Areebah Shahnawaz

    I recently broke the record, and Insha Allah, will go to the PBR Conference in Peshawar. I was awarded and claimed as National Youngest Blogger by PakistanBookOfRecords because I started my blog, when I was 9,

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