Famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn uses a metaphor about life that life has seasons. Sometimes, its winter and sometimes its spring. Sometimes it’s raining and sometimes it’s autumn. Cold winds never last forever and so do the light breezes. Let me give you an exercise. Take camera and go to any park. Take position to get picture of tree lanes at the start of spring; then take the picture of the same place at the same angle and position but now in fall then in summers and then in winters. You’ll be amazed to see pictures side by side. Leafy trees bubbling with life in spring give you a picture of barrenness in fall. Same is the case with life. No season remains the same forever. Life has successes and failures, highs and lows, pleasures and pains. This diversity makes the life beautiful. One should never be emotional when the chips are down. Being a success-conscious person you must be master of your emotions.

Trees, plants and mediocres depend on the external weather to function and to flourish, but you create and carry your own weather. You’re mentally tough. You’re thick skinned person.

If you bring rain and darkness and gloom and pessimism to your customers, colleagues and friends they’ll react with rain, darkness, gloom and pessimism. If you bring joy, happiness, enthusiasm and laughter to your customers, colleagues and friends, they’ll react with joy, happiness, enthusiasm and laughter. If you understand the cyclical nature of moods, and you’re master of your emotions, you’ll not take rejections and dejections personally. You’ll understand and recognize the moods of the person you call on. You’ll make allowances for his anger, indignation and irritation.

For all high achievers, from politicians to players, from generals to judges, mental toughness is of critical importance.

Remember carbon becomes diamond when it undergoes the process of toughening. Orange gives juice when it undergoes the process of squeezing.

This isn’t a religious article, but let me give you examples of how a person is trained to get the role of a prophet. A would-be-prophet is made to undergo numerous crises, odysseys, trials and tribulations before he was given the mantle of prophet hood. Take the example of Prophet Muhammad; he was born orphan, his guardian grandfather, his caring uncle, his mother died when he was quite young. All such losses made him emotionally very resilient to take up the role of challenging the mighty powers of that time. Take the example of Moses, he went through series of tribulations for grooming before colliding with Pharaohs.

Nelson Mandela remained in prison for around three decades to end apartheid in South Africa.

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  • Tayyiba Iram

    Remember carbon becomes diamond when it undergoes the process of toughening. Orange gives juice when it undergoes the process of squeezing.
    Awesome.. Thats great

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