Laila Amjad, a guest blogger, is an illustrious student of Fatima Jinnah Women University (Pakistan), pursuing her  Bachelors of Public Administration.

Some times it happens that we speak in unspoken words, make incomplete sentences, paint broken and bluer images, sings forgotten songs , smile without reason, think without dimension… walk with reluctant feet and urge in a rhythm and discord beets… because we are trying to find the answer of our unanswered quires through these incomplete , unsaid words .. broken and bluer images, forgotten songs…creepy smiles …wandering thoughts and gypsy’s destinations. !

Life itself is a un-answer query … at times it happens that unfinished. partial, imperfect and incomplete incidences…events… and happenings,, are more then just perfect in their essence … some times things are so implicit but providing the arena of sound understanding where every one can interpret the picture in his own colors…. Which he considers the best!

We all are just like the pieces of a puzzle … composed of fissures , having means on one end , and ends on other … so eventually somehow we all are interlinked to complete each other’s “picture” thats what we called “life” …. !


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