I can never erase from the canvas of my mind’s eye a doleful chunk from one of the most influencing movies Troy. Prince Hector (Eric Bana) is killed by Achilles (Brad Pitt) in one-on-one showdown; his corpse is tied with the back of chariot and Achilles drags it flaunting his sword; runs and rotates the chariot in jubilation by disgracing the dead body of Prince Hector; takes the body to his camp where he’s staying with Briseis (Rose Byrne) — priestess cousin of Hector. King Priam (Peter O’ Toole), father of Hector, in the middle of night worms his way to the Achilles camp to beg his slain son’s body. Achilles is totally stunned when he comes to know that the old man is King Priam who has managed to snake his way to his camp. Achilles asks, “How did you get in here?” What devastated King Priam says in response, only a king can say that! He replies, “I know my own country better than the Greeks, I think.”

Priam was king of Troy and he knew his kingdom better than Achilles or Greek armies. You’re king of your own personality. You know your terrain better than anybody else. If you know strengths of your personality, you can shoot your arrows straight to heel of any of the Achilles of your life. You don’t have to pretend what you’re not. All you’ve to do is to consciously know yourself, your own kingdom or in the words of Jack Trout ‘to retie the connections that already exist.”. This   conscious knowledge of your own mindscape will differentiate you among the pack. 

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