Recently, I put a question on my facebook account to invite comments from friends as to what were the major time wasters in their opinion.Many people termed facebook as great time waster. I don’t disagree with them. Facebook is a big time waster (life waster) if the user has low FQ (Facebook Quotient), that means, if you don’t know how to use facebook.

Facebook’s users have crossed 1 billion and it is the biggest social networking site in the world and its growth is a phenomenon. It’s addictive and engaging in nature. It becomes a big time waster when your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and content on your facebook wall mismatches and people treat you differently than what you want to be treated.

I am on facebook since early 2009 and my account was disabled many times due to its bad and immature use. And finally when I learnt how to use it for business, I made many friends and friendship resulted in business. Let me share with you a latest story.

A five months back, someone adds me on facebook and being open-worker I immediately accept the request. I get a call from this man and he introduces me with reference to facebook and invites me to his office in Karachi while I was in Lahore those days. I took the call as another call and forgot to note in my diary. Some days after, I was traveling to Karachi and the moment I landed at Jinnah International Airport, I updated my facebook account about my arrival. The same man called me next day after reading my update on facebook and he invited me to his office once again. We agreed on the time and I paid a visit to his office in Clifton area. I did not know till I am in his office that I was meeting CEO of a multinational. I faked my ignorance for the time being and we started discussing everything of mutual interest. As of today, I have conducted training sessions with his team, have provided his company our headhunting services and we have been providing social media consultancy to his company since the last four months. This is just one random and latest example. How can I say that facebook is a waste of time?

How to ensure that facebook does not waste your time?

  1. Complete your profile (your profession, designation, education, likes etc)
  2. Select your display picture (dp) carefully and don’t change it at least for five years, so that it becomes your recognition.
  3. Your updates should reflect your personal brand. If your updates are out of sync with your personal brand, you will be treated differently than what you want to be treated. If you are Chartered Account but most of your updates are about politics, in fact you are depriving your friends of your wisdom and knowledge that you are known for. Your friends are expecting rules of saving, investment, tax benefits, economy and impact of micro and macro factors on your personal life.
  4. Content is the king on social media. Your content should be enlightening, engaging and people should proudly share it.

Let me conclude that facebook is your billboard. What you put on it, will sell. You attract and engage people on facebook according to your content.


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  • zubairy

    Ashraf, you’ve picked a hot topic, and given good advice on using FB productively. However, I fail to see the connection in both.

    Someone wasting time on FB mostly depends on how s/he consumes the content on it, whereas the content you publish and USP it reflects is your publisher role not consumer of content. Can you give an example how FB would let me waste my time if one post all irrelevent content and THEN dont visit FB at all?

  • Waqas ch,

    simply great

  • sunrainor

    Good suggestions – will share

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