Tread the trail blazed by Steve Jobs!

…..a geek, a myth, a reality, an icon, an inventor, a trend-setter and insanely great presenter of the corporate history.

One day workshop on Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Lahore: 24th October Avari Hotel, Islamabad: 26th October Marriott Hotel,

Karachi: 28th October Marriott Hotel

Big !dea:

Steve Jobs, corporate history’s most admired CEO,  mesmerized the audience with his killer presentations throughout his career. Be it launch of iPhone or iPad, or a key-note address, he created magical moments using the art of casting spell that no mortal could resist of staying un-moved and un-influenced. He was expert of creating hypnotic grip on the minds of people. His presentations were live demonstration of ‘shock & awe’ scenes. He has died but his legacy will linger on!

Ashraf Chaudhry, Pakistan’s #1 Sales Trainer, is great admirer of Steve Jobs. One day workshop “iPresent” is the result of watching of hundreds of videos of Jobs and regimented study of countless articles written on his presentation skills. After attending “iPresent” your presentations will never be the same again.

Please download the brochure in PDF format by clicking here.


Module #1: Dressing Room Preparation

  • How to storyboard the show?
  • Drawing the road map
  • Applying law of twitter on slides
  • Understanding slide.ology
  • Crafting the hope map

Module #2: Mock Stage Rehearsals

  • How to make acting look like real?
  • Wearing the costume of your personal brand
  • Tossing the script
  • The art of creating contagious energy
  • Steve Jobs’ rules of rehearsals
  • Deciding fun moments

Module #3: Trance-formational Stage Showmanship

  • The art of captivating minds
  • How to create ‘wow’ effect?
  • How to apply ‘split-attention’ principle?
  • How to create Picture Superiority Effect?
  • How to reveal ‘holy shit’ moments?
  • How to dress up your numbers?
  • Steve Jobs’ laws of finishing the presentation

Who must attend?

  • CEOs/CMOs/CFOs
  • Sales & Marketing Directors
  • National Sales Managers
  • Brand/Marketing Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • HR/Finance/Supply Chain Managers
  • University Professors
  • Corporate Trainers

Why iPresent?

You may have the best product, the most convincing numbers, the most compelling case, but to create dent, you need to present it with style that unleashes the rush of dopamine into brains of audience. iPresent will unveil how Steve Jobs used to do that.

“A person can have the greatest idea in the world— completely different and novel—but if that person cannot convince enough other people, it doesn’t matter.” Gregory Berns

Course Fee

Rs. 16000 per person.

Master iPresenter

Ashraf Chaudhry started his life as an errand boy from a small town and got early education from roofless and ghost schools of rural Pakistan. He did his MBA from IBA Karachi and has worked for around 15 years for companies like Chevron, Tapal Tea, Marriott/Pearl Continental Chains and Worldcall Group. He is an accomplished business executive, most sought-after sales trainer. He is author of international best-seller The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”. To know more about Ashraf, please google him.

Grab Your Seat Now

Please call Ms. Hina Roudani at cell # 0092 321 3750 706 (GMT+5) or send an email at

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Please download the brochure in PDF format by clicking here.

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