Do you know the fact?

All of us have already won the biggest race. That was the race for life. It was the bloodiest race. We crushed billions of our siblings to come into this world.



The race of life never ends. Either we win or we are out. No third option.

The race for job search is not a friendly match. You have to be THE BEST to win this race. You will have to have KILLER INSTINCTS to grab your share in life. There is no such thing as low hanging fruit.

Have you seen my Zara Sochiye video on Geo TV Networks? Coming from far-flung rural area and with early education from ghost schools, I gate-crashed into the finest business school of Pakistan, IBA Karachi.

Simply, I WON that race.

During my 15 years of service in the corporate world, I was never short of jobs. Since childhood, I had been learning and teaching The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”. This book was published in USA in 2009.

I believe THE IMMACULATE CV is the first step for “selling” yourself in the job market. Your CV or resume is THE MOST IMPORTANT document in the job search process. As a head-hunter, I tell you honestly, that your CV has hardly 5-6 seconds for winning the race for job interview. Only THE BEST CV will survive this critical time.

What to do?

Don’t lose your heart!

You have  two options.

Learn The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” or hire the services of those who are masters in The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”.

There are 8 reasons why you should have your CV written by such a master. You want to know the reasons?

Click here.




    Assalam O Alikum ! Sir its seems to be like a great sales letter 🙂 and please concentrate on the word of your video ZARA SOCHYEH ” BARI BARI COMPANIES” Rather then ” BARI BARI COMPANION ” Thanks

  • Yasir Khan

    He is just marketing himself….It may not be the true story! Or even if he is telling the truth then the main part contributing his success is his childhood experience of selling chnna (snacks) which open up new horizons of evaluating things critically and the art of crafting strategies for selling. As we know in all fields of life a person who has focused on a single field from the very beginning or from the childhood and doing it again and again several hundred times or even a million times, his chances of success in that field is over 95%, we seen this in case of many sportsmen. I know the fact that if a person get to understand the basic principles of Pakistani minds he can market himself here easily, as in this case Mr. ashraf is trying to market himself on the basis of getting attention of people by advertising his poor childhood living conditions and then at the end targeting those people who are searching for jobs and offering them a CV professional editing service.This is how u penetrate into a market and capture your share. In the real scenario it is not that simple! You can edit your CV by a professional but how can you edit your skill set, behaviour, way of thinking and perception about things? It all comes with an inherited mind and experience we gain from our environment.

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