Do You Want to Spend Your Old Age in Edhi’s Old Homes?

One Day Workshop on Wise Parenting


Karachi: Marriott Hotel, 22nd December (Saturday)/Lahore: Park Plaza Hotel, 29th December (Saturday)

Time: From 10 am to 5 pm

Why This Workshop?

Pakistan is passing through strange cultural transformation. In the crazy busy times, we are fast forgetting how to raise positive kids in the negative world. Kids are impressionable. In the wake of parenting vacuum, every negative or ‘in’ idea rushes to fill their minds.

Children and adults are suffering from a number of mental and emotional problems such as lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, pessimism and drug addiction etc. Our research makes us believe that the root cause of children and adults’ problems is unhealthy parent-child relationship.

The research shows that:

  • Personality of child begins to develop before conception
  • Conventional birthing practices are harmful for child’s physical and emotional health
  • Child is more receptive to learning from 4th month of pregnancy up to 3 years of age
  • Attachment Parenting is essential for overall development of child
  • Conventional praising and punishment diminishes child’s creativity and optimum brain potential
  • Only role modeling is the way to build character of child
  • We often confuse love with pampering

Please download complete brochure in PDF format by clicking here.

Contents of the Workshop:

  • What is your PQ (Parenting Quotient)?
  • Science of Conscious Conception
  • Impact of couples’ emotions on conception
  • Do’s & Don’ts during pregnancy
  • Do’s & Don’ts during birthing process
  • How parents can modify DNA of baby?
  • Attachment Parenting (breast-feeding, co-sleeping & baby wearing)
  • How to teach baby multiple languages & maths?
  • Science of emotional bonding
  • Character building
  • Building confidence, leadership and morality
  • Handling sibling rivalry

Please download complete brochure in PDF format by clicking here.

Parenting Expert

Khursheed Ahmad is a life long student of human behavior, change, motivation and mind sciences. Primarily, he is former banker and insurance man. During his career as a business executive, he has been associated with motivating the sales/marketing staff and altering their thinking patterns and challenging their potentials.

From start of his marital life over two decades ago, he decided to stay complete family man. He perfected work-family balance during his entire managerial career. He is obedient son, caring and faithful husband and loving father of two young boys. He believes ‘what goes around comes around’.  The way we treat our kids will determine how they treat us in old age. Children suffering from “Attention Deficit Disorders” always treat their patents indifferently and callously in their old age.

He is CEO & Life Coach at Cosmic Wisdom, an organization dedicated to researching on parenting, family conflict resolutions, emotional therapies and emotionally healing broken couples and their kids.


Rs. 8,700 / Person

Couples: Rs. 14,000

How to Book Your Seats?

Please call Ms. Hina Roudani at 0321-3750 706 or email at

Please download complete brochure in PDF format by clicking here.



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