You must have heard the cliché that “1st impression is the last impression”. This remark, whoever made in history, is 100% proven and tested and tried for centuries.

You never get a second chance for making the first impression.

The word ‘IMAGE’ represents the qualities of a confident professional: ‘I’ is for Impression, the first and lasting impression you make on people; ‘M’ is for Movement, basically how you carry yourself including your posture and body language; ‘A’ is the most important ingredient and it stands for Attitude, the thoughts you feed your mind with; ‘G’ goes for Grooming, your dressing and personal hygiene; and ‘E’ is for Etiquette.

I’ll relate here a significant instance of the perfumery business. In market there’re literally thousands of brands of perfume and body sprays. If you start using every brand, you’ll take years and years to experience the fragrance of each perfume. By the time, you finish experiencing the last brand; you’ll forget the fragrance of first brand. And you’ll never ever be able to make a purchasing decision. It’s the packaging, it’s the name, it’s the slogan, it’s the logo that makes any particular brand our favorite brand. Experience comes later. We experience later what we perceive earlier. Do you remember the names of perfumes: Ecstasy, Mirage, Illusion, Delight, Heaven, Pleasure, Bliss, Mate, Sensation, Court, Whisper, Elation  etc. the very names create beautiful perceptions in the minds.


  • MInhaj Ali


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