Once upon a time a modern lady visited a veterinary doctor with her pet dog, Tommy, and complained that Tommy does not give her much response and often fails to recognize her and does not wag his tail whenever she comes home. Vet asked a few questions about dog’s pedigree to diagnose the problem. Lady told the vet that Tommy was a stray dog and was dying of hunger on abandoned road. She pitied on him and brought him to her home, gave him shampoo bath and fed him with meat and biscuits. Initially, he showed lot of reverence, lady said, he always licked her feet and wagged his tail and showed lot of loyalty and love. Lately, he is showing utter indifference, fails to recognize me even.

The vet requested the lady to leave Tommy at her clinic for only two days. Lady reluctantly left the dog with vet. Vet asked his attendant to put a chain around Tommy’s neck and tie him tightly with wooden hook in the corner of buffaloes shed and give him 10 lashes after every 6 hours. Don’t feed him anything for next 48 hours except dirty water taken out from sewerage. After 48 hours, give him shower with the pump used to service cars, dry him in the sun and bring to my clinic so that we handover Tommy to his owner. The servant followed instructions in letter and spirit and beat him after every six hours, starved him and put him in tight corner.

The lady came after two days, asked the doctor where her Tommy was. Vet instructed the servant to bring her dog who was freshly bathed but was dying with hunger. The moment Tommy saw his owner; he leapt towards her, hugged her, licked her feet and wagged his tail. The owner paid the vet’s fee and happily left his clinic with Tommy.

There is a great lesson in this story. We have many Tommies in our personal lives and organizations. We feed them, love them and pamper them. We are emotionally invested in them. They forget their past and become arrogant and indifferent and ungrateful. They show their stray pedigree. Their only treatment is to deprive them of luxuries, love, appreciation and attention and privileges. Never allow them to cross limits and become your masters controlling your nerves and emotions and productivity. It is your life. Don’t allow Tommies to emotionally blackmail you.

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