Last year, despite best efforts Pakistan could not trend on Twitter on 14th August.  I had analyzed reasons as to why we could not make our country trend. Before reading this article , I would suggest you read my analysis of last year.

As I have the capabilities to make names/hashtags trend on Twitter and I have done it many times in recent days, my learning about Trending  is:

  1. Without well thought-out strategy, trending becomes big challenge rather impossibility.
  2. A few people with strategy can make brands/hasgtags trend easily than an army of people without direction.
  3. Timing plays a big role to make trending possible.
  4. Concerted effort with unique tweets at the right time is the key to make trending possible.
  5. Synchronization and synergy plays critical role in Trending.

Based on my personal expertise to make brands trend on Twitter, I suggest the following strategy to make Pakistan trend on Twitter on 14th August.

  1. We should use only two/three hashtags. I advise and strongly recommend to use hashtags #ILovePakistan, #PakistanZindabad #Pakistan. Any other hashtag will dilute the synergy.
  2. We local/Middle Eastern Pakistani tweeples need to align our efforts with Pakistanis living in Europe and North America. Europe opens when it is midday in Pakistan and North America opens when it is evening in Pakistan. So the best time to build thrust is from midday of 14th August till midnight so that we align our efforts with overseas Pakistanis. Before midday 14th August, we will make our efforts fruitless because of lack of synergy.
  3. In Pakistan, we need around 200 feeders of tweets, each feeder to send only 100 tweets through third party applications like and Rest of the tweeples should retweet and reply with hashtags I mentioned above.
  4. Local Pakistanis should not dissipate energies as soon as 14th August starts tonight. Let’s write and save tweets and feed and schedule through hootsuite to release at midday on 14th August so that we join the efforts of overseas Pakistanis living in Europe and North America. Otherwise, we local Pakistanis will exhaust when overseas Pakistanis will wake up.
  5. Making Pakistan trend on Twitter will be more difficult than last year as we Pakistan’s have not joined Twitter in large numbers as the world has joined. So this year, there is more clutter and only strategy will help Pakistan trend and break clutter.

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Ashraf Chaudhry is #Pakistan’s #1 Sales Trainer and Social Media Experts. If you want your brand/product trend on Twitter, please contact us. To know more about Ashraf, please google him.




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