You go to a super store, walk down the lanes and pick Tapal Danedar. You switch on your TV and search for GEO. You call your newspaper hawker and ask him to drop daily Dawn.

What’s common among Tapal Danedar, GEO and Dawn……strong brand equity. Brand equity helps the consumers to make decisions quickly. It saves us from hit and trial.

You’re also a brand. In order to get noticed and picked up quickly, you need to build your brand equity. Following are the steps to build your brand equity.

  1. What’s your vision and mission? Define your values and goals. Draft a long-term statement about your destination.
  2. What’s your value proposition? Define your unique offering. Review your personal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses to find out the type of professional you want to be.
  3. Who’s your target audience? Determine and find the audience that fits your values. Determine the audience that needs your unique offering.
  4. What’s your brand promise?
  5. How will you give horn to your brand?

Decomoditize yourself

The era of commodities is over and gone with the wind. So stop commoditizing yourself. Become a brand and become an experience. Show that you’re unique. Look that you’re unique. Make people feel that you’re unique. Become someone’s need. Become indispensable for some one. As says Robin Williams (Mr. Keating):

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”


Discover your USPs and differentiate yourself. Look larger-than-life.  Throw away the image of mediocrity.

“Don’t tell people how good you make your goods. Tell people how good your goods will make them.”


Toot your own horns

Communicate to your customers, your potential employers that you’re not just looking for a job; you’ve magic wand that will add value to their organization. Tell them that you’re DIFFERENT; you’re a different breed; that you’re a garden variety. You’ve not grown just by chance. Tell them that you’re impeccable; you’re immaculate; you’re spectacular; tell them you’re stunning and marvelous person.

“Where there is a will, there is a way to differentiate”.


  • Vakas Bin Malik

    Good one 🙂

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