Every segment of society and every profession develops its peculiar words, phrases and metaphors. From bus drivers to doctors, from dacoits to daily wagers, from tycoons to trainers, from marketers to magicians, from winners to weepers and wailers, every profession has developed its own language.

Since the inception of time, preachers and teachers, speakers and orators, presenters and narrators and actors and singers have used words to make us laugh and make us cry. Words can wound or heel. They offer us hope or hopelessness. With words we can make our noblest intentions felt and our deepest desires known. Words create our external world.

Throughout human history, our greatest leaders and thinkers have used the power of words to transform and alter our emotions and shape our destiny. Words can’t only create emotions but also create actions. And from our actions, flow the results of our lives.
During World War II, when the very survival of Great Britain was in question, one man’s words helped to mobilize the will of English people. Winston Churchill had the unique ability to send the English language into battle. His famous call to all countrymen to make this their ‘finest hour’ resulted in courage beyond compare and crushed Hitler’s delusion about the invincibility of his war machine.
Words of songs, dialogues of movies have the power of throwing us into emotional spins and states, sometime they make us weep, sometime they make us depress and sometime they make us energetic and powerful.
Since centuries, generals and commanders have been using words to ignite warriors. Watch the movie Troy and see the impact of words of Prince Hector on his soldiers. Watch the movie Braveheart and feel the penetration of the words of William Wallace.

I was once watching the movie Message, I was literally weeping to hear the words of last sermon of Prophet Muhammad. You can imagine the emotional state of companions of the prophet when the words were coming from the mouth of no less than Prophet himself.
Most beliefs are formed by words and they can be changed by the words as well. Simple words of Martin Luther King Jr. that “I’ve a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live the true meaning of its creed” changed the coarse of American history.
Successful person’s vocabulary is also peculiar. You’ll never find words coming from his mouth which are disempowering, enervating, depressing and debilitating. He uses his words to not only keep himself motivated but also to inspire and energize those around him. He uses words to change the emotional states of his customers, colleagues and friends. Whoever falls in his orbit is influenced by his words. Let me give you comparison of the words and phrases used by mediocre person and a peak performer.

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