Before the match
Australian team is very professional. It’s impossible for Pakistan to beat them.
Pakistan can never ever beat Australia. Ricky Ponting is born winner.
Pakistan’s team is highly non-professional and lacks planning. No chance of winning.
Kamran Akmal has big parchi and it is very difficult for the team to win match.
How can our idiots win from cricketing god? Impossible!
No match between two teams!
Australians are born winners. No match with them.
Pakistanis can only fix the match.
No comparison between Shahid Afridi and Ricky Ponting.
Australia wins the toss
Pakistan lost the toss, lost the match.
Pakistanis are never good in chasing
Australia will give score of 350 which Pakistan can never chase.
Tough day for Pakistan!
OMG, we have lost the toss, no chance of winning now.

Australia does batting and starts losing wickets
Don’t be happy, Australia has strong batting line.
Beware of Hussey, he will pound the Pakis.
Without Shoaib Akhtar, it is impossible to win the match.
Australia’s batting is invincible.
No chance of winning of Pakistan.
First inning ends and Australia scores only 176 runs
Our team is unpredictable and idiots cannot chase 176.
Our batting is not professional, so we will lose wickets.
Who will bear the attack of Bret Lee? He will pound the batsmen.
Pakistan starts batting aggressively
It is impossible to chase Aussies.
Idiots are not playing professionally.
What a great fielding of Aussies!
What a great catch by Aussies!
Idiots will lose the match in the end.
Pakistan wins the match
Pakistan won with luck.
Pakistan’s match was fixed.
Players had taken lot of money from bookies to win the match.
Not impressive victory.
Pakistan could win with big margin if idiots had batted like professionals.
Pakistan will lose in Quarter Finals.

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