The air hostess announced, “Ladies & Gentlemen, we shall soon be landing at Jinnah International Airport Karachi.” Within a few minutes, we safely landed and I switched on my cell phone. I noticed that I had received some 6-7 miss call alerts from some unknown number. I checked out of plane, rented a car and headed towards my hotel. While on my way, I called back the person who had called me many times while I was air-borne. He introduced me, “Sir, I am Kashif from Karachi, MBA with specialization in marketing from some private university and I am unable to find job for the last 8 months. Since you counsel people between 8pm and 9pm daily, so I thought to call you for your help.” I told him that I would be in Karachi for next 15 days and you could meet me some day to diagnose the problem. I further asked him to bring his CV/resume’s fresh copy.

After two days, I invited him to meet me at Marriott Hotel soon after my training session. At around 6.30 pm, we were sitting in the lobby to discuss his problem. The young man was immaculate, highly presentable with good communication skills. Then I asked him to show me his resume. I was shocked to see the difference what he actually looked like in real and on paper. In real, he was confident, pleasant, presentable and noticeable. While on paper, he was shabby, lousy, cluttered, confused and disoriented. I asked him how many organizations he sent his resumes to and how many interview calls did he receive? He told me that he sent his resumes to around 150 organizations and only 3-4 interview calls he received, that too, with some references.

I asked him what in his opinion was the main reason of not getting a job? He confidently said: “I have no sifarash (strong personal recommendation of some influential person).” With little counseling, I was able to shift his focus from ‘sifarash’ to his own inability and failure in The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”. I told him if he can arrange 10-15 interviews, he will surely be having 2-3 job offers without any reference. While sipping hot coffee, I asked many probing questions from this young man and started crafting his resume. In one and half hours, I wrote his marketing brochure (resume) and sales letter (cover letter). I gave him a list of around two hundred companies and told him to send his resume to only Marketing Heads with a personalized cover letter and keep me posted. He dispatched around 200 resumes through courier and had 3 job offers within 15 days. He requested to meet me again probably to express his thankfulness. I asked him to meet me at McDonald’s at Jinnah International airport before I take the flight to Lahore. We met and found him extremely happy. I gave him a few tips about career. While sitting in plane on the window side, I started thinking how a small help from someone can be a big thing for someone. I asked a question from myself: “Ashraf, how many Kashifs can I help this way?” The number was not encouraging. As most of the time, I am traveling for training sessions and consultancy, I often neglect my own health and also my family. That was the moment, I decided to launch my service of Guerrilla CV for Those Who Are Stuck in Career.  The primary objective is to help those who have refused to see light at the end of tunnel. Resume writing is not my business and IT WILL NEVER BE. My core business is sales trainings. My auxiliary businesses are headhunting, consulting and social media management. Trust me, I can’t invite every Kashif to Marriott Hotel every day and spend two hours with him to write his resume. I can help a few but not hundreds and thousands. To help large number of people, I hired professional content writers and trained them to craft a killer CV that stands out in the stack. In the last two years, we have helped more than 1500 people from fresh graduates to Chief Operating Officers and success ratio is extremely high.

We are charging nominal fee for crafting Guerrilla CV. This is the small cost as compared to staying unemployed or being stuck in career. Resume is your marketing communication tool. Make it a killer.

Grandfather of modern Marketing, Peter Drucker, says:

“Business has only two functions: Marketing and Innovation. All the rest are costs.” Invest a small amount in your own marketing.

Get Your CV Critically Evaluated Free of Charge.

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  • I took similar initiative at – I found that not only youngsters, some experienced people also get stuck in their career because they do not know how to cherish their career successes!

    • Fiaz

      I’m the one of them. It’s been three years starting of my career but really stuck, i m Master of Commerce Banking & Finance, Didn’t get any reasonable job but after get rid of searching i joined a Shop. even now depress daily.
      i have been really career conscious but now i m losing even power of thinking.

  • Sir, your support has helped many Kashif’s to pursue a good career path.

  • Ali Afzal

    Impressive! I am sending my CV as I feel like stuck in career.

  • farooq Ahmad

    Can you also share Guerrilla Job Hunter techniques in this blog? So that we can know about the difference in Guerrilla Cv and Guerrilla Hunter..Thanks

  • farooq

    if a some one not have ability to pay this amount what he can do?

  • Husnain Bokhari

    @farooq: agreed.
    for the person, who is jobless and stuck for the last many months, for him, paying any fees is not a good idea and to be honest giving me a ruthless impression that even helping other is a charged service. when I started reading this article, I was impressed by the key finding of an author but when I came to know its a charged service…… I felt it as a self marketing technique only.
    Dear Young Fellows: I want to advise you all that never loose hope and keep on applying and add one step in it and you will start getting response that one step is self confidence! must be reflected in your CV and interview. Never over state any thing in it and always send your CV to Departmental heads, they will forward your resume to HR if find you interesting! how to get departmental heads contact detail? for this you can contact company reception or by visiting yourself to their office to collect the details. remember always HR is only a facilitator, decision is always comes from the respective department. HR evaluation criteria is different from the departmental heads. HR is looking at your resume on bookish basis while departmental heads look you resume on practical/field basis. when you send you resume to departmental heads, it is 100% chances that he pushed HR to call you for an interview if your CV carries a relevant experience.
    Also in this blog, it is mentioned that someone else (Team) will develop your resume and you will use that resume for applying on the posts, my question is if it is not your creation then how can you defend and present it in front of employers at the time of interview and if it is not your own creation then there are 100% chances that you will loose your confidence in the interview as confidence comes with ownership and ownership is always for your own creation. Dear Young Fellows always remember, the creativity comes from inside and can never be borrowed. so generate your own CV yourself.
    One last point: Prepare your CV in a very crisp form for the fast flow of information in the shortest time period. mention your real achievement and if do not have any then mention your future inspirations and tell the company what you can do for them in their business. do not send your CV on irrelevant jobs to avoid the frustration for not been called by them for an interview.
    One classic example! stand in front of the mirror and feel how you look like and imagine how you want to be look like and design your CV according to how you want to be look like!!!!!
    good luck and be confident because it is the only difference between achievers and the losers:)

  • Taher

    @husnainbokhari:disqus – I really appreciate your comments and passion you have shown on this topic of CV Writing. You are spot on about confidence in a general sense.

    @All comments below is for the Greater Public reading this blog.

    When Ashraf Sb writes your CV, the content is always based on what the client actually tells them. The content is then written professionally so it becomes appealing/having a flow/crisp but the true actual data would be given by the client. So you would hope the client would have a good understanding on the content. Saying all the above — there is no substitute if one can write a powerful, precise, winning CV.

    But the fact is 95% of CV’s, especially the student CV’s just don’t cut the mustard. Why? There are many reasons which I am not going to go into. In fact, interestingly enough, writing CV’s is also a tough proposition for students in western countries, hence the birth of professional CV writers since as long as i can remember (back in the mid 80’s).

    Ashraf Sb (I am not advocating him here as I would of have written this about anybody who offered this service) has started a much needed service based on his real life experiences and genuine vaccuum in Pakistan. He is charging as would any company unless it was an NGO, some govt funded mission or something along those lines.

    Over the last 12 years, I have noticed and have been involved with many professionals who offer free sessions to many unis/colleges, so there is trend and desire to help as well.

    Of course, there will be those who cannot afford such a service but then there are also those who cannot afford in in UK, USA, etc. For these people (which included me when I first wrote my CV) — then the internet is available, templates galore, books, friends, guides, teachers. The avenues are many if you are willing to take the time and search. Pakistan now has a professional avenue, which was not there before and if one can avail then why not?

    Never give up hope, always keep trying, be patient, believe in yourself! You will get something…insha’Allah!

    Wishing all the readers success in your job search.

  • Syed Arslan Shabbir

    Sir, all i want to say is ” you always help ppl, ALLAH will help you ” my best wishes and regards for you 🙂

    • yash

      yeah he helps people after charging 4000pkr.

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