A few days back, a student from Iqra University asked me question on Whatsapp that can an Iqra graduate compete with IBA graduate in the corporate world.

My reply is Yes and No. Winning depends upon your own passion to out-win, out-excel and out-beat the competition. Your winning in life is directly proportional to the intensity of fire in your belly.

  1. Job Market Research: If you can do extensive research about those companies that hire graduates whole year without announcing, then your playing field is wider than your competitor. You have more probability to touch more employers. Bigger canvas, more success.
  2. Your CV: Being a recruiter myself, I receive large number of CVs from both Iqra and IBA graduates. Without any favorable bias for my fellow alumni (I am IBA graduate), the quality of CV, both cosmetic as well as content, is far better than Iqra graduates. Why is it so? It is by design. Excellence is not an accident. You have to work for it. Your CV is your brochure, make it immaculate in appearance and rich in content. Highlight your USPs. IBA graduates have no carte blanche right to out-beat the market just because they have a degree from IBA. If I get two CVs, one from IBA graduate and other from Iqra graduate and CV of IBA graduate is full of spelling errors like Carrier (Career), Collage (College), Metric (Matric), Material Status (Marital Status)  and CV of Iqra graduate is carefully crafted and reflects a serious effort in terms of its presentation and content, I will invite the Iqra graduate for interview. I might invite IBA graduate to give him a good dose but not for interview. Your immaculate CV opens ways for interview calls.
  3. Interview Preparation: Once you are at the interview table, it is your personal fight. IBA and Iqra will neither be your asset nor a liability. If Iqra graduate has positive attitude, is confident, dressed for the occasion and is capable to influence interview panel with his/her knowledge and persuasion skills, employers  have no reason to ignore him and prefer IBA graduate who could not exhibit professional competence. Interview is one-on-one combat. Iqra graduate still can be given benefit of doubt but IBA graduate deserves no mercy. Market treats IBA graduates ruthlessly. Because companies expect excellence from them.
  4. Post Job Performance: Does not matter if you are from IBA or Iqra. It is all a game of deliverance and boss management.


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  • Hassan Salman Dita


  • Aamir

    I would never hire a iqra graduate…

    • sharjeel

      Don’t worry many others will!

    • LOL

      Hahah who asked you to hire them ….someone will definitely hire them and one day you must have to work under Iqra grad lol :p

  • Athar

    An IBA grad can be as much of an illiterate as Iqra Grad. It all depends on the person does not depend much on the university. Its your mind and the usage of that powerful powerful mind that matters, rather than your rattafication to get good CGPA.

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