Internship Request

A corporate friend requested me to help arrange internship for some young boy who recently did BBA from a private University. I requested another corporate friend who is Secretary General with one of the biggest associations of business organizations. The CV was full of mistakes. I knew. But I still took the risk as I had no time to correct CV. You can read the reply. For me, it is a lesson. Never refer any person to your corporate friends unless the referred person is professional and immaculate.

But I am also grateful to my friend who gave me blunt feedback. He could keep silent or could make any excuse but he gave me blunt feedback.

This is a feedback for all of us. How we take it depends upon our attitude. Some will learn; some will complain; some will curse the system; some will criticize him. I have been saying this since ages that your CV is your ambassador. If it is poorly written, it shows your non-serious attitude. If you will not help yourself, nobody will. Take charge of your life. Invest in your learning. Stop cursing the society, start correcting yourself.

PS: You can comment the way you feel. But using negative words about the person who gave honest feedback is unacceptable at this platform. I am thankful to him he taught me a lesson.

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  • Numan Khan Yousafxai

    You blog is incomplete. What he told u about cv and what mistakes he pointed didn’t mention it.

  • Great Leader

    Sir kindly mention major mistake of that CV so that we can improve our CV’s

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