Richard Nelson Bolles is a former Episcopal clergyman and the author of the best-selling job-hunting book, What Color Is Your Parachute? Nine million copies are in print and it has been translated into fourteen different languages worldwide. The book is considered as a Bible on the subject of job-hunting.

According to Richard Nelson Bolles, The hiring process is more like choosing a mate.
Choosing a mate” here is a metaphor. It means the process by which human nature decides to hire someone, are similar to the process by which human nature decides whether or not to marry someone. Those processes, of course, are impulsive, intuitional, and irrational and without any sound reasoning and logic and often are made on the spur of the moment.

You can have all the skills in the world, have researched this organization to death, have practiced interview until you’re a master at ‘giving answers’, be absolutely perfect person for the job and yet lose the hiring interview because……your breath smells terrible. You’re competent to fight dragons but being killed by a mosquito.

Interview after interview has revealed that if you’re male, you’re much more likely to get a job:

If you’re freshly bathed and your hair look wet even if you’re using gel;
If you’re freshly shaved;
If your hair and beard is freshly trimmed;
If your fingernails are clean;
If you’re using deodorant;
If you’re wearing freshly laundered clothes;
If you’re wearing formal suit rather than casual outfit;
If your pants have sharp crease;
If your shoes are freshly polished;
If you’re carrying a classic handbag or brief case;
Remember hiring process is more like choosing a mate.

Interviewer must fall in ‘like’ with you
Before you’re evaluated on technical side, first you as a person must be liked by the interviewer. The interviewer must fall for the aura of your physical personality. Your magnetism, your charisma must attract the person on other side of the table.
Interview after interview has revealed that if you’re a female, your chances of getting a job are more:
If you’re looking fresh;
If you’re wearing sophisticated-looking dress;
If you’re not wearing tons of make up;
If you’re not loaded with jewelry;
If you’re carrying classic handbag rather than ladies purse;
If you’re wearing shoes rather than sandals;
If you’re not wearing tons of perfume;
It’s always advisable not to wear perfume during interview, because interviewer might have negative mental associations with certain perfumes. By smelling a certain perfume, he or she might dislike you because of certain mental associations.
How the interviewer gets turned-off
It’s literally a turn-off for the interviewer:
If you’re nervous;
If you enter room as if you’re at funeral; shoulders slouching
If you give a limp handshake;
If you slouch in a chair;
If you endlessly fidget in your chair;
If you constantly avoid eye contact with the interviewer;
If you crack your knuckles or snap your fingers;
If you’re constantly playing with your hands or hair;
If your cell start ringing during the interview;
If you ask the interviewer about the office timings;
If you ask the interviewer whether it’s 5 days a week or 6 days a week;
If you ask the interviewer about the bonuses;
If you reach late and don’t apologize;
If you appear in casual dress and un-shaved;
If the males are wearing earrings, jeans and have ponies etc;
If you criticize the previous employers or your own alma maters;
If you show lack of courtesy or misbehave with secretary/receptionist/office staff;

Tipping the balance

Your chances of getting selected are more:
If you’re confident, looking bright and resonant, shining and smiling;
If you’re looking happy with life;
If you’re energetic, enthusiastic and passionate;
If you’re flaming, burning, blazing and sizzling with passion;
If you’re optimistic, positive, and in a resourceful state of mind;
If you’re bright, brilliant, luminous; polished; lustrous
If you’re glowing, gleaming, glistening and if you’re radiating energy
If you’re overflowing with vibrancy
If vitality is oozing out of you
If your personality is pulsating and throbbing with life.
No body would like his mate who’s:
Complaining and criticizing;
Lacks confidence
Lacks self-esteem, self-image;
Nagging and self-critical;
Dull and drab, dreary;
Lifeless, listless and lusterless;
Lacks soul and spirit, pep and potency, vigor and vitality, strength and substance;
Pessimistic, gloomy, cynical and sarcastic;
Who looks miserable, who looks pitiful. After all who will marry Miss or Mr. Misery?
Physically, you should attract like a magnet; your aura must carry an air of seductiveness; you must be liked; you must be appreciated;
Mentally, you should be optimistic, positive and sanguine, self-assured, self-confident, upbeat; cheery and cheerful.
Spiritually, you should look like fulfilled and accomplished, gifted and talented.
Intellectually, you should have depth in your ideas, opinions and assessments, beliefs and judgments, convictions and conclusions, decisions and determinations;
Your walk should be elegant;
Your talk should be articulate;
Your style should be sophisticated;
Your appearance should be impeccable and immaculate;
Your get-up should be spick and span, faultless and flawless.
Remember the hiring process is more like choosing a mate.
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    I want to share it with my young graduate mates…as I believe these are the words that can "move" them!

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