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We are Pakistan’s one of the leading training companies engaged in corporate trainings, consultancy, head-hunting, social media management, personal  branding and career counseling. We are a lean organization and all our colleagues operate from their cozy homes. No office. No traffic hassles. No pollution risks. We go out of our homes only when needed.

Our marketing is internet based. We extensively use social media and emails that generate sales leads. Out-bound telephone calls and follow ups lead to maturity of our sales.

We are looking for fresh MBAs for marketing. If you have passion to earn according to your abilities, we are the best platform. You will be partner in revenue generated by you. So your earning is unlimited.

You have no fixed timing. No traditional job description. You work like entrepreneur. It is absolute fun to work with us. The biggest advantage is that you will attend all trainings free of charge.

You will get a small token amount to cover your running expenses. But your real earning will be your share in the revenue.

You will work with us if you have the following three traits.

1. Your communication in English is top class.

2. You have fire in the belly. You are committed like rock. You are unbeatable.

3. You are entrepreneur from inside and not just a ‘salaried’ person with 9 to 5 mentality.

If you are passionate to earn and learn and have fun and independence, send your resume at If you are an “employee” material, please don’t waste your time.


After working with us just for one year, you will not be able to work for any company in future except for yourself. Our all ex-colleagues are running their own businesses.

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  • WaQoO BhAi

    very interesting and motivating job advertisement @ ashraf chaudhry. I must say this.

    Dr. Waqas. perhaps you remeber me. I attended two of your trainings in khi and lhr respectively. and you gave me a nick name (Great Khali)

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