Mr. Zain I. Syed ( working for Hewlett Packard) is my facebook friend. I saw a beautiful write up by him about protocols of using facebook and thought to convert it into blog and save it for general public. Here’s what he writes:

“1. Never use CAPITAL letters. It gives the impression you are shouting.
2. Address the person you are talking about
3. Do not attack people personally and call them names just because you have a different opinion.
4. Everyone is entitled to state their own opinion on the free internet, so there’s no need to put anyone down just because you disagree (or worse, don’t like the person).
5. Please respect everyone. Others may be much more knowledgeable and much smarter than you.
6. Truth does not require to be shouted or repeated over and over again. It always finds a way to reveal itself.

As with all other online communication, communicating in Facebook is mostly textual. We can neither hear the voice tone nor see the body language when the other person ‘speaks’. In other words, it’s easy for someone to think you are being sarcastic when you are not, or misunderstand you in any other manner for that matter. To complicate things, everyone has their own typing style.

One way we can compensate for the lack of cues is to use emoticons. It’s pretty limited, but experience has taught me that a simple smiley face after a sentence can do wonders by neutralizing any potential tension. Smile and the whole world smiles with you :).”


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  • Jamali

    Ohhhh mai mar jawaan ~!

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