I believe that I am the most valuable person on planet earth. I am nature’s greatest miracle. Among all living human beings, and those who have passed away, and those who have yet to come, nobody was, nobody is and nobody will be like me. I am unique. I am proud of my being unique. And I am thankful to God that He created me unique.

I am thankful to my Almighty that He chose for me the profession of Selling. He chose me to add value to life of people, to alleviate pains of the people and to create pleasures for them. I promise that I will perform my role without compromising on ethics and values.

Where ever I go, I promise, I will carry a message of optimism, a message of positive values. I will shun negative people. I will shun the gossip groups. I am most valuable person. I will not waste my major time on minor things. I again promise that I will be the harbinger of hope and the messenger of positive thinking.

I promise to be proud of the organization I represent. I am proud of the products and services that I offer to solve the problems of the people. Every moment, every hour, every day, I will consciously make effort to increase and update my knowledge about my products, about my organization and about my industry. Knowledge is power and I will increase my knowledge every day. I will multiply my worth and value by reading books and by getting associated with people of substance.

To help more and more people take the benefits of my products, I promise, I will keep my eyes and ears open. From now onward, I promise, I will knock at more doors; I will call on more people, to help them benefit from my offerings. In this process, I may get rejected, but I will not take rejections personally. I promise that I will keep my hopes and morale very high even in the wake of disappointments and frustrations.
I believe, God provides ‘livelihood’ to me and my family through my customers. I will make every possible effort to give them value for money. I will go extra mile and extra smile with them to give them delightful experience of my products and services.

I promise that from now onward I will plan my sales calls immaculately. I will leave no room for carelessness. I promise to share my knowledge and experiences with my colleagues without any conditions.

I promise that from now onward I am different person. Feeling low, feeling mediocre, feeling inadequate is now alien to me. Optimism, hope, helping others, ethics and values, winning, and keep on winning is my new identity. Today, it is not ME, it is NEW ME.
(Authored by Ashraf Chaudhry, Sales Trainer, http://www.ashrafchaudhry.com)

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