In my student days, I was voracious reader of suspense thrillers. But when I joined the crass corporate world some 15 years back, I got detached from fiction and spent more time reading management literature. But somehow, CyberKill, got my attention and I grabbed it immediately.

This is SUPERB read for any one who wants to revel in imagination….for students, careerists and housewives equally juicy…and not just for science fiction fans! But for science students, geeks and techies, it is a real KILL. Run and grab it.

I am avid watcher of movies. From war movies like Troy and Gladiators to Sci-fi like War of the Worlds have always been my favorite. But reading CyberKill gave me more enjoyment than such movies. The plot, the suspense, the dialogues, the concepts are so engrossing and captivating that you feel to be in the midst of happenings. At no point in time, you feel separate from the plot.

If you like science fiction, suspense loaded thrillers, mysteries, or just great writing, mesmerising characters, and great story, Frank’s CyberKill is the book you’ll love to read.

The writing style of Frank is so grilling that many a times he makes you breathless with hair-raising scenes. While reading CyberKill, you see things unfolding in front of your eyes and he fills your mind with ‘what next’.

If you are interested to read about battle bots, havoc wreaked by viruses, blood, weapons, artificial intelligence, revenge of artificial intelligence, science mysteries, KGB, CIA, FBI etc in one book, then lay your hands on CyberKill.

Thank you Frank for giving us a great book. When is the sequel to CyberKill coming? I wish to watch movie based on the CyberKill.

CyberKill is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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