Lesson # 1: Never write multi email IDs in the address bar when you’re sending CV through email.

Lesson # 2: Check, re-check and re-re-check the spellings and grammar yourself. Listen, MS Office doesn’t differentiate between career and carrier.

Lesson # 3: Write achievements and accomplishments instead of job description and responsibilities.

Lesson # 4: Make sure before pressing send button that addressee and address ID are the same.

Lesson # 5: Take out all non-value added stuff like ‘ music etc’ from your CV.

Lesson # 6: Never use wedding card font types.

Lesson # 7: Avoid shading, boxes, tables, columns and colors.

Lesson # 8: Never password-protect your CV. Deleting is easier than contacting you for opening permission.

There are 8 compelling reasons why your CV should be crafted and written by a professional. Please read it here. http://ow.ly/nudss

  • Ehsan

    Can you please send us professional CV templates or samples that you think are error free. Thanks

    • hqcarsgalore.blogspot.com

      han 3000 dheelay kro sab mil jay ga :-p

      • Nain

        hahahahaah true

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