1. Has my mastermind group given me pep talk?
  2. Have I inspected my clothes and that my shoes are polished?
  3. Do I’ve proper haircut or do I look like Einstein?
  4. Do I’ve extra copies of my CV with me?
  5. Do I know the exact location of the interview venue?
  6. Do I know the name and designation of the person interviewing me?
  7. Do I know the exact time that interview will start?

  8. Have I reviewed FAQs and am I prepared for FAQs?
  9. Do I know the products of the company, their prices etc?
  10. Do I know the products of competitors, their prices etc?
  11. Do I know the market share of the company?
  12. Have I conducted my SWOT analysis of the company?
  13. Do I know the management structure of the company?
  14. Do I know the organizational culture of the company?
  15. Have I updated myself for the media news related to the company?
  16. Do I know the future plans of the company?
  17. Have I prepared list of ideas to discuss in interview?
  18. Have I taken stock of my value addition proposition?
  19. Have I prepared a list of questions to be put to the interviewer?

Last moment advice

  1. Mute your cell phone before you enter the interview room.
  2. Wear a smile on your face before you enter the interview room.
  3. Enter the room like a winner having spring in your gait.


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