A Workshop on Stress Management

Ceasefire with Stress

Lahore: 19th January, Avari Hotel // Karachi: 24th January, Marriott Hotel

Have you ever wondered what does stress do to the body and spirit? It is the major cause of poor health, low morale, inefficiencies at workplace, environment of negative thinking, burn-outs that ultimately result in high turnover of employees, absenteeism, high healthcare costs, low productivity and declining profits. The worst thing about stress is that it is contagious. It adversely impacts everybody who comes under the orbit of stressful person.

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When under stress, body produces hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which have harmful effects on health and causes diabetes, heart complications, ulcers and high blood pressure etc. These hormones are present in the fight or flight mode of survival. On the other hand, endorphin is a hormone produced when the body is in a relaxed state.  Endorphin causes a person to feel good, produce exceptional results and make better decisions.

Endorphinize the Organisation is a specific and stepwise transformation from stress to wellness. It will help the participants change the way they think about health and wellness. Participants will learn the regime of tools to cope with stress and unleash endorphins to induce state of happiness and elation for peak performance.

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Wellness Contents:

  1. What causes stress
  2. Early signs of stress
  3. Good stress vs bad stress
  4. Personal diagnosis for stress
  5. How to manage stress-causing hormones?
  6. How to unleash the endorphins?
  7. How to create culture of happiness?

Benefits to organizations:

  • Lower levels of stress
  • Higher morale of employees
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced medical claims
  • High productivity
  • Less incidence of stress-related conflicts

Benefits to individuals:

  • Feel optimistic and positive
  • Look younger
  • Become emotionally resilient
  • Be energetic and productive
  • Enjoy pleasant relations with colleagues and family members

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Who should attend?

All executives who work under high pressure environment.

  1. Sales and Marketing professionals who remain under stress for the up line of organization
  2. HR Managers who deal with diverse group of people
  3. Project Managers who have to achieve deadlines
  4. Accounting and Finance professionals always struggling with numbers
  5. Supply Chain/Logistics professionals
  6. Customer Service staff who always face unpleasant situations
  7. Call Center representatives who face angry and abusive clients

Chief Stress Buster:Dr. Aamer Iqbal, an alumnus of King Edward Medical College, Lahore and National Heart and Lung Institute, London is Happiness Expert. He has the passion and knack to bring about positive changes in the personal and professional lives of business executives through coaching and mentoring. He uses neuroscience techniques to unleash endorphins for peak performance.  He is a trained coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner. His clients include managers and senior executives for local and multinational organizations. He is also available for individual coaching.

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Course Fee:

Rs. 12, 500 per person. On four nominations from the same organization, fifth participant to attend free of charge. Fee includes course material, networking lunch/tea break and certificate of participation.

How to book your seat?

Please call Ms. Hina Roudani at 0321 3750 706 or drop an email at hina@ashrafchaudhry.com

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