One Day Belief-Shattering & Paradigm Shifting Motivational Workshop with Ashraf Chaudhry.

Karachi: Marriott Hotel, 27th April
Lahore: PC Hotel, 29th April

Chains?….What Chains????
There is an interesting technique that elephants are trained with. When the baby elephant is born, his leg is tied to a small chain to keep him under control. Baby tries to break the chain to run around but he cannot break it. In this process, he learns to be helpless and stops exerting pressure and decides to live with reality. With this ‘Learned Helplessness & Cannot-Do Attitude’, he consumes his entire life believing that he cannot break the chains. And one day, baby grows into an animal of huge size, mahout (tamer of elephants) still controls the grown up elephant with a small chain for the rest of his life.

That is also the case with human beings. In the beginning, we take initiatives to gain control. But if we fail for a couple of times, we learn helplessness. With this ‘learned helplessness’ we live our entire life without realizing the real potential of doing wonders.

Hard-hitting & belief-shattering one day workshop “Break the Chains” is meant to awaken and unleash the giant we are born with. This is a must-attend workshop for business executives who have the passion to run in the fast lane to personal and professional excellence.

• How losers and legends think differently?
• How to design the life of dreams?
• How to harness the power of decision?
• What is the real force that shapes our life?
• How to choose belief systems that empower us to break the chains?
• How to gain focus in life?
• What is the vocabulary of champions (chain breakers)?
• How to use the power of emotions for defying the limits?
• What are the values of icons, legends, winners and champions? 

Benefits of Breaking the Chains
After enjoying the rigorous one day experience of breaking the chains, participants will be able to:
• Set in motion a chain reaction of excellence in their orbit of influence.
• Set challenging goals and exceed them.
• Say good bye to mediocrity and ‘cannot-do thinking’.
• Become examples of professional excellence.
• Transform themselves as agents of change and harbingers of hope.
• Tackle the challenges of professional life with grit and determination.
• Erect heavy firewalls against mockers, negaholics and time eaters.
• Develop laser-sharp focus on goals
• Convert stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

“I regularly attend Ashraf Chaudhry’s workshops along with my colleagues. Great contents with superb delivery. He inspires”

Abdul Karim Shekhani
Director Operations,

Who Must Attend?
Managers and executives at all levels who:
• Want to set challenging goals and exceed them
• Have the burning desire to excel and shine in their careers
• Want better relationships with colleagues
• Harbor the passion to become examples of professional excellence despite obstacles.
• Want to take control of their lives rather than allowing others to teach them helplessness.

Master Chain Breaker

Ashraf Chaudhry started his life as an errand boy from a small town and got early education from roofless and ghost schools of rural Pakistan. He did his MBA from IBA Karachi and has worked for around 15 years for companies like Chevron, Tapal Tea, Marriott/Pearl Continental Chains and Worldcall Group. He is an accomplished business executive, corporate sales trainer and motivational speaker. He is author of international best-seller The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”. To know more about Ashraf, please google him.

Free Offer:
Every participant will get complimentary copy of Ashraf Chaudhry’s international best-seller The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”.

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Rs. 8,500 per participant.
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