In childhood, once I happened to watch Lucky Irani Circus. They’d come to our village on the eve of annual fair. I was very excited to see a giant elephant but I was surprised that the giant animal was just tied with a small chord that even a goat could break. It was very intriguing. I kept on thinking but didn’t find the answer. At a very later stage, I came to know that there was an interesting method of training the elephants.

The mahout attaches a small chord with the leg of baby elephant; the chord is a little stronger than the inherent strength of baby elephant. Initially the baby tries to break away but is checked by the chord. Slowly the baby ‘learns’ that it can’t break away from the chain it’s tied with. And he retains this learned helplessness forever and hence never tries again to break away. That’s the reason you see big elephants tied with small rope and completely ‘in control’.

Like elephants, we also learn helplessness and remain tied to the crippling chains of past experiences and events. Our mahouts…..our parents, friends, associates, colleagues and spouses tie us with the chords of their opinions and suggestions and then we remain tied with them forever, little realizing our inherent potential to perform miracles. The grown-up elephant can dismantle iron chains with little exertion, but he never tries. Similarly we can do wonders but we never try.

“Only a ghost wallows around in his past, explaining himself with self-descriptors based on a life lived through. You’re what you choose today, not what you’ve chosen before.”


You don’t have to worry. There’s good news for you! You can unlearn the learned helplessness the way you learned it. All you’ve to do is to un-install the learned helplessness program and install another program of empowerment and resourcefulness and abundance. Let’s find out what crippling chains aren’t allowing us to grow and expand and spread out.

The difference between a champion and also-ran is the difference of mindscape and internal chemistry.

Now the question arises, how an also-ran becomes a champion. What’s this transformation process? How the internal chemistry and mental terrain of an also-ran is changed to make him a champion. There’re ten areas in which an ordinary mortal has to vigorously make effort to become extra-ordinary.

Say good-bye

You need to say good-bye to the itching past to begin a new life.

It’s a commitment to shed old uniform off and to put on the new one……

It’s a commitment to throw away old inhibiting, disempowering and crippling beliefs and ideals and replacing them with dynamic, vibrant, buoyant, empowering and energizing and uplifting beliefs and values.

It’s a commitment to come out of the grooves of mediocrity, pessimism, low esteem and join the ranks of optimists and people having high sense of pride.

It’s a commitment to forget the bruises of failure and wounds of letdowns and begin a new life that is full of challenges, big milestones, grand goals and lofty dreams.

It’s a commitment to bury the signs of regret and sorrow and frustrations and take a new beginning of a life of thrill, of rejoice and triumph and victories.

It’s commitment, it’s a pledge, it’s a promise to redesign the map of future……a future full of possibilities, full of potentialities, full of opportunities.

It’s a commitment to throw away a book of rules that has been operating you and writing your own SOPs, own destiny redrafting your own rules and principles.

It’s commitment to remain unaffected and insensitive to the influences of external weather and it’s a commitment to create and carry your own weather.

If a mad and maniac person passes irresponsible remarks on you, you’ll not be irritated, you’ll not get angry. You’ll not burn in your own fire. If you do, you’re allowing the mad and a maniac to control your life. You’ve to be thick-skinned.

It’s your commitment to never remain the same old person.

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  • Emma

    E C. To keep your imagination, dreams, goals in the future and work backwards with the goal of stepping forward into your chosen reality, happens when we let go of ghost life. After reading this article I was rejuvinated, energised and uplifted with a sense of bright future hopes and vanashing past…….Smooth and elaquent words of the vibrancy that is attached to change, direction and creation! Writing that egnites the deepest stirrings of united universal souls and energy. Excellent!

  • Alirazazaidi

    Excellent really nice article
    Ali Raza

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