When it comes to the world of Social Media, I am prone to consider myself up to neck with the discipline (pardon me if I sound a bit inflated). However, Shama Kabani’s book The Zen of Social Media Marketing proved me wrong. There were many tools that were totally new for me. I am thankful to young Shama for giving us a treasure trove on Social Media.

I read the book in one sitting during road travel from Lahore—a provincial capital of Punjab to Islamabad—capital city of Pakistan. The book is simply ‘unputdownable’. Every paragraph is full of tools and techniques to fully leverage the potential of tsunami of Social Media that is upon us and there is no running away from the grip of its rapacious waves.

The Zen of Social Media Marketing deals in detail about Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and video sharing sites and the world of blogging. On each top, Shama unfolds the best practices, valuable protocols and etiquettes and set of dos and don’ts.

The book is a holy grail for beginners, intermediates and experts as wells. Whether you are entrepreneur or Social Media geek or a CEO managing your personal brand or a maverick marketer, Shama’s The Zen of Social Media Marketing is a must.

The world of Social Media is evolving at dizzying speed. Today’s ‘in’ thing is tomorrow’s blasé, I was just fearing that Shama’s book will look like a product of stone age within, may be, six months. But she is intelligent to set up a system of topping up with latest trends and tools with her site. Thanks Shama for taking care of this aspect.

You may read more about The Zen of Social Media Marketing at its blog. The book is available at Amazon and  Barnes&Noble.

Recently, I spoke at Conference of Secretary Generals of Chambers & Commerce of Pakistan on “Policy Advocacy through Social Media”, Shama’s book helped me a lot to make my address effective. Thank you Shama for giving us such a wonderful gift. Look forward to its sequel very soon.

You may join Shama at Facebook.

  • Muhammad Tanveer

    Ashraf bhai.. Is the book Of Shama Hyder available in Pakistan. Have u read it or bought it??

  • Muslim Social Networks

    wow really a nice post and the book really interesting because we all know that the future is all about the social media and we will use the social media for the advertisement. anyway love this post

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