When I first read about the wacky book title “Selling Is Better Than Sex”, I could not resist the temptation of arranging my copy. Alen Majer’s latest book is loaded with sales lessons, tips, tactics and golden nuggets of advice. The comparison of Selling with Sex, though, makes the book title weird, bizarre, far-out and one of its own kind, yet it contains extremely interesting and absorbing stuff on Selling. Alen has successfully taught the art and science of selling in a very humorous and hilarious manner.
The book starts with Napolean Hills’ (of Think & Grow Rich fame) theory of Transmutation of Sex Energy and then it boldly and blatantly goes on to prove that there are around 200 ways that suggest Selling Is Better Than Sex. Sometimes, it made me burst into laughter.
Selling is actually transference of enthusiasm and thrill. Book teaches you how to get thrill out of selling. If you can learn to transfer energy that you have for the pleasure of sex and transmit that into your sales efforts, the rewards will be phenomenal is crux of Selling IS Better Than Sex

The book talks about almost every aspect of the discipline of Selling, be it prospecting, customer retention, customer services, going the extra mile, follow ups, closing techniques and prioritization (Paraeto’s law of 80:20).
Learning multiplies with fun, Alen’s book proves it. It is simply unputdownable and highly recommended! Book is available at Amazon.
Alen Majer is an internationally sought-after speaker and consultant. He is passionate about motivating sales professionals to achieve their goals even faster than they would without his guidance. Alen is the author of three other sales titles, including “Trigger Events – How to Find your Next Customer”. He is the founder and CEO of The Science and Art of Selling; a sales training, coaching and consulting company in Toronto, Canada.

Discover more about Alen on his Blog at http://www.alenmajer.com

  • Saleem Chohan

    The idea of comparing sex with sales is interesting!

    While reading your post, a light bulb lit in my mind. Is it sex that gives man the most pleasure? To everybody? In my humble opinion, no.

    It could be any thing that drives a man — and not the other person. Money, fame, control, righteousness… and yes, sex.

    Now if a person is driven by x, y or z, the question is how to motivate him through (or "for") selling. I hope the book touches upon this link as well.

  • Anonymous

    found your site today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

  • Alen Majer

    Hi Ashraf,
    thank you for your review!

    To answer Saleem's question – this book helps salespeople to stay motivated while selling, helping them realize where are possible pitfalls and how to stay on top of their sales game.

    Let me know if there is any question once you read the book!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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