This is a true story between an interracial couple, set in the heart of the Beautiful Canadian Rockies and centered around the life of Irene Brautigam.

She is a Realtor and Author with volumes of knowledge and wisdom that never quite learned how to do things in life only half way. “Cephus” is a full time professional piano player with over 40 years in the music industry, starting out in Caribbean and moving to Canada. Being as independent as possible has always been Irene’s central focus in life, the pursuit of freedom socially, economically, and most importantly mentally. From this pursuit she has come to build a determination and drive that many seek but few ever attain. Contained within this book is an epilogue of all of her experiences, the beneficial and detrimental, the hardship and the bliss. This honest dose of reality, set in the picturesque landscape of the naturalistic Canadian Rockies, proclaims the personal idiosyncrasies of the greater human condition and the struggle which is the quintessential ingredient of what it is to be human. Come along and see the world through the eyes of Irene, subjective existence told by a loving soul and caring spirit, always rife with enthusiasm and optimism, which in the current global socioeconomic climate is in very short supply. Once the journey has been made, and the voyage nearing its completion, there is one question that still begs for an answer: “What is it that the world needs, but an Open Heart?”

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  • Muhammad Yaqoob

    Do you know that this book review worth 30$ and you are doing all this for free. Please wait do no review any thing for free.

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