I have been a great rather infamous job-hopper. From 2000 to 2008, I changed five jobs. From an entry level position to General Manager slot, I always landed on the job because of my ability to get first interview with the CEO of that company. My belief is that if you can ‘sell‘ yourself to CEO, all else is documentation by HR. For the first time, I am revealing my secret weapon of getting my first interview with CEO. I call it Big Bang Letter. In my subsequent articles, I will write how to craft such letters and when is the best time to launch your drone attacks for job-hunting.

Here’s the Big Bang Letter that always ensured my interviews with CEOs and helped me land on jobs in companies like Chevron, Tapal Tea, Hashoo Group and WorldCall Group.
Dear Mr. ABC

Sub: There’s more to people than meets the eyes

This is neither a job application nor a junk mail!

Then, what’s it?

This letter is just an expression of sizzling desire of someone who, being an “out-of-the-box” thinker, visualizes wildly to work in an environment where creativity can be let loose and where professional prowess can be unleashed for value addition.

My visible profile may not be that unique and powerful but the invisible profile will certainly make you listen to me with rapt attention. Around fifteen years of experience of Sales and Marketing (with companies like Caltex, Tapal Tea, Pearl Continental & Marriott Hotels, Worldcall Group) makes me professionally very sound. But that’s not end of the story………Prior to that, I dared to rise from the dusty streets of a far-flung village of Punjab and gatecrashed into the finest business school of the country (IBA) to earn my MBA degree. But that’s also not end of the story.

I got my early schooling from traditional roofless and ghost schools of rural area but dared to pass the most competitive exam of Central Superior Services (CSS)! End of the story? Not yet! I belonged to a family where literacy level was lower than that of Pakistan (I being the first person to attend school)!! I’m truly self-fabricated (not just self-made)! I funded my entire education myself! How? Worth knowing!! You might be thinking that story has ended. But it has not……..

The purpose of writing such words as “dusty streets, ghost schools, self-fabricated etc.” vis-à-vis “IBA, CSS, Caltex, Tapal, PC & Marriott” is to highlight certain attributes of my brand personality, converting stumbling blocks into stepping stones and scars into stars, for example. In my teens, I was rejected for a position of a waiter in Pearl Continental hotel and in my 30s I was Corporate Manager for more than half a dozen 5 star hotels! This is how this brand evolved. It’s a journey from nowhere to now here, from frustration to fulfillment. It’s journey from mere survival to stability, from stability to success and from success to significance. Is bend of the road an end of the road? Certainly not!

This vibrant 38 years young brand (yes, I’m BRAND) subscribes to the views of Andrew Carnegie that anything worth having is worth working for. I’ve magnificent obsession of working for XXXXX and this letter is an expression of that desire (first brick!). You might be thinking what my promise of value is. I definitely have certain sales & marketing ideas to add value to your organization but writing them here will make this letter lengthy. And after all you’re a busy person and your time is also very precious. At your convenience we can discuss things across the table. Like Highly Effective People (of Stephen Covey) we can create a win-win situation. Interesting? Intriguing? You’ll find me at 0092 300-8002 802.

Looking fast forward to hearing from you.

Yours marketingly

Ash®af Chaudhry”
P.S: Being a prized brand, I don’t believe in pushing and pestering. However, I’ll call you on your cell on coming Tuesday just to enquire if you’ve received my letter.

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  • Kashif

    I would say, interesting!

  • Raza

    Rockets Launched Already! Great…People who are receiving this are already under attack.

  • Usama A. Rabbani

    Its very interesting !!! you really area out of box thinker 🙂

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