If you’re a product, then internship is your free sampling to generate induced trial.

In our basic premise of job-hunting being similar to product selling, internship is like free sampling. In any Marketing Plan, the objective of free sampling is to induce forced trials to the consumers for making them orient with the functional and perceived benefits of the product. Once a free sample clicks, the customer is hooked to the product forever. All marketing oriented companies like P&G, Unilever, Colgate, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Nestle and Tapal etc spend huge budgets on free sampling. And all these companies are success stories.

In your case, when you being a product, internship is like free sampling. During internship, you basically:

• Cultivate relationships with those who matter.
• You learn the basics of complex corporate world.
• You get a platform to apply the knowledge and skills that you’ve so far learned.
• You add value to the organization as per your abilities.
• You interact with people, you see people interacting with each others and you learn the dynamics of interdependence.
• You represent your alma mater, your friends, your teachers and your own background.

Internship is your first formal step into the exciting corporate world. You’ve to be an extra watchful, extra careful to conduct yourself as a budding executive. The industry trend is that more than 20% interns are absorbed by the same companies as their regular employees and a similar percentage is recommended and referred to other companies by their immediate supervisors. The internship period may vary from company to company but usually it’s between 4-6 weeks. ‘Enlightened’ and socially responsible organizations pay a decent stipend to the interns ranging from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month along with executive lunches.

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