Dear Imran Khan


Congratulations on creating a ‘politi-quake’ on a richter scale of 10 on Sunday. The mobilizing of genuine crowd particularly the youth of Lahore must have opened eyes of two established political gangsters the nation is facing today. But at the same time, this ginormous rally is neither the first nor the last rally of Pakistan. Your speech was revolutionary, but this was not the first revolutionary speech Pakistanis ever heard. Your speech may not be even one-tenth ‘revolutionary’ of what ZA Bhutto and his daughter has delivered in the past. No doubt, you have surfaced as a messiah in the heap of shit. No sane person will doubt your leadership qualities. You have delivered as a skipper as well as a social worker. Your charisma and competency are beyond question. Majority of the country has grown watching you what you are today. Your deliverance of results has even overshadowed your allegedly playboy past.

I have quick two observations or questions. So far Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Imran Khan are the same thing. You are building a charisma around your own personality and we the fans are tending to fall into the personality cult. You are aware of the security situation in the country. You must be in the sharp focus of internal and external enemies whose survival hinges on chaos. My crude and direct question is: What is your back up? You appeared on the stage without bullet proof security arrangements. This daring act is totally unacceptable. You are the nucleus of movement. If something happens to you, there will be no more PTI and nation will be deprived of hope.  If you have to continue this daring act, it is your personal choice but at least there should be equally charismatic successor to continue the thread. The empires have crumbled without succession planning. This is total injustice to the nation running rallies and fanning emotions and giving the light of hope without strong back up. You must address to it immediately.

Secondly, you are facing two major political parties. PPP’s votes are never based on deliverance of results. Their voter is ‘ideological’. Never underestimate the street power of PPP. That is such a lethal dengue that even dictators failed to exterminate. Despite their poor performance, they have won bi-elections in Bahawalpur and Muzaffar Garh. PPP thrives on misery, poverty and disease. Your message is sounding sweet to urbanites middle class which is traditional vote bank of PML (N). In case this vote bank is divided between PTI and PML(N), nation will be under PPP for another  five years. People still think PML(N) is lesser evil. If you make an alliance with PML(N), what will become of your ideology? How will you pull along with those who according to you ‘looted’ wealth of nation? What will be your credibility?

The nation wants change of system and wants it now. You are the beacon of hope. Plan immaculately.

My best regards

Ashraf Chaudhry

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  • I agree that PTI is running a PERSONALITY CONTEST. And there no backup. You question is why isnt there a backup. My question is why is it a PERSONALITY CONTEST? Why not run on Principles, like declare your assets & Justice for all. Why not make that the center of Institution, rather than IMRAN KHAN. I found the JALSA’s song patronizing Imran Khan’s name. Found that a bit odd. Is Pakistan electing a new Monarch?

    I have outlined my Economic Policy for Pakistan.

    I have confirmation from PTI Newyork that Mr Naeem-ul-Haq got my article. And I am willing to bet $1 that PTI has NO Monetary overhaul plan. When PTI says that they will leverage Pakistani ex-pats to finance projects, I think they will miss the boat. Its too little too late. He will try socialist policies, further grinding down the economy.

    For God’s sake, protect yourself from whats about to hit the fan. Take these 3 simple steps.

  • Maria Jabeen

    I have been debating on the same points with one of my college some days ago and he that youth was under the influence of the charismatic personality that he didn’t even ready to hear all this. I am happy there are guyz who are bringing up such subjects….

  • zam

    what imran khan saying is never said by any one. no one want to show their business records. If some one show then pakistan will know who made this country poor. its these idiots whom we vote.

  • Haroonsardar786

    Nice points, believe me these points are in hot discussion within top and middle PTI layer except succession as it is already done(PTI have powerful backup in shape of Hamid Khan especially and 5 more names), actually the power of IK personality hides other big party names even u can ask any media personnel that in rating competition of Gallani, Zardari, Sharifs, Altaf program with IK gets much big lead. And believe me PTI has made big dent in PPP voters even in Punjab villages(I personally witnessed). But real working areas are SIndh and IK’s security(he says one who has fear of anything, he’s not a leader….but to us its really horrible).
    Im sure IK will not go with nawaz as it would be a blast within party too..

  • Fahmina19

    Wow! Chaudhry Saab, really nice points.

  • Umer Shahbaz

    Ashraf sb, you are right about the self-security matter. There will be no more of PTI, no hope left if something happens to Imran Khan and he take note of it.
    One more thing which i had great expectation about from Imran Khan. The whole event was a success except for a Revolutionary speech. If he were to create history out of it, he should have delivered a Historic speech to be remembered. But what we heard was him reproaching and intimidating politicians likewise. Lets just focus on the plan for change and work on it instead. Like Nepolean said: “you will never reach your destination in time if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks at you”.

    The good thing is, he has taken an extremely good start, public support and media coverage has taken it farthest. The shock wave is still escalating which will hopefully encourge PPP supportes too and those who have doubts of his success.

  • TM

    The back up plan should be a democratic party consisting of No 2, No 3, and so on–competent people who can succeed him if he falls on the way (God forbid) rather the suggestion that he shouldn’t be taking security risks to remain a sole leader in his party. He, like the very people he abhores, is using head counts in his jalsas as a proof of his success. It should be a party which rewards talent and merit within and can work as a team without the fear of a cult that Khan has always been. From how he has played all along, one can foresee, like CTBT, he would be very intolerant to dissent. PTI should exhibit the democracy that he wants to see flourish at the national level (if). Next, he should come with a concrete, practical aganda which should clearly demonstrate his ability to lead the nation toward success out of the terrible mess in which it finds itself. With no public sector experience whatsoever, he seems to end up surprised, frustrated and failed even if he makes it to that big office.

  • zubi

    piece of crap

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